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asecos focuses on safe storage of lithium-ion batteries

10 July 2022

AS THE demand for lithium-ion batteries has grown, so have the potential hazards associated with these efficient energy storage devices. Given its key safety role, asecos recognised the dangers and duly developed a solution: the ION-LINE safety cabinets for the safe storage and charging of rechargeable batteries.

The ION-LINE cabinet models boast several features including 90 minutes of fire resistance and a multi-level warning and fire suppression system, with the capability of alarm signal forwarding.

These safety features provide operators with sufficient time to organise an evacuation of the building in an emergency scenario, assess the situation and then take the necessary steps.

Since its launch in mid-2019, the ION-Line product range has quickly established itself in the market. Customer feedback has led to several new product developments, in turn providing new user-oriented solutions.

For more than two decades, asecos has been actively involved in international associations and Working Groups tasked with developing innovative and sustainable products to meet the challenges of storing hazardous materials in 21st Century laboratories and industrial facilities.

asecos cabinets are built according to European and American standards and can be integrated into casework or used as free-standing storage solutions.

In addition, the company offers many products for the safe handling of chemicals as well as a variety of extraction systems.

asecos is represented by its own subsidiaries in the UK, the Netherlands, France, Spain, the USA and Switzerland and maintains a global network of specialist dealers and distributors.

*For more information visit the company’s website at www.asecos.co.uk