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Advice on safe storage of compressed gas cylinders delivered by asecos

26 February 2023

SPECIALIST PRODUCTS for the storage of hazardous materials are developed by asecos. Now, the business has issued Best Practice advice focused on the safe storage of compressed gas cylinders, which are deployed for many industrial and research processes that would not be possible without their use.

Compressed gases present many different hazards, in turn requiring specific safety protocols for both their safe handling and use.

Safety is a high priority when storing and providing gases and must be subject to risk assessment. For many years, the centralised storage of gases was the only available solution. However, as high purity and specialised gases are more commonly used and processes are changing rapidly, the demand for decentralised solutions of storage and delivery has increased.

In essence, flexibility of storage without compromising safety is the key. asecos, which manufactures safety cabinets in accordance with BS EN 14470 Part 1 and Part 2, offers an array of solutions.

Further, the business has produced a bespoke Hazmat Guide for compressed gases. The company’s hazardous substances brochure stretches to over 120 pages and contains a wealth of specialist information and expert knowledge.

The brochure is available free of charge. Simply send an e-mail to info@asecos.com

*Further information is available online at www.asecos.com