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Trident Manor launches new Training Academy for security practitioners

25 June 2020

FOR SEVERAL years, Trident Manor has been involved in the delivery of specialist security and risk management training programmes that increase knowledge and develop the skills of the learning recipients. The demand for the programmes has continued to increase leading to engagements in America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

In light of this, the decision was taken to create an accredited Centre of Excellence wholly dedicated to the design and subsequent delivery of security, risk and crisis management learning opportunities. 

Trident Manor has a proud reputation for delivering high quality learning programmes that are bespoke and built specifically around a given client’s needs. While this will continue to be the case in relation to the launch of the all-new Training Academy, the training and development services on offer have been expanded to meet the increasing demands of clients, including from the corporate, humanitarian, hospitality and cultural sectors.

The company’s team of instructors has been brought together because of the specialist skills and experiences and their known delivery of professional services. All are experts within their particular specialist areas.

To ensure the delivery of quality services, Trident Manor wanted the Training Academy to be officially recognised by dint of completing and passing an extensive audit and evaluation process. This journey started back in February and, this month, resulted in the organisation being accredited and recognised as an Approved Highfield Qualifications Centre and a member of the CPD Certification Service.

Speaking about these developments, Andy Davis MSc CSyP FSyI CPP (managing director of Trident Manor Limited) informed Security Matters: “Although times are difficult for many right now, there will continue to be a need for the delivery of quality services that are both regulatory and specialist in nature. Our training services have been recognised by global organisations as being of excellent quality and content. This is something we intend to continue to provide. The establishment of the Training Academy allows this to happen while enabling continued growth and development, harnessing the skills that exist in the North East of England.”

The depth and breadth of learning opportunities offered by the Training Academy are suitable for regional, national and international recipients and will involve a mixture of accredited and bespoke services. Programmes will be delivered at the company’s head office in Darlington, at client’s venues or internationally as and when the need arises.

*For further information about the learning programmes that are available or the scheduling of them contact the team via e-mail at: training@tridentmanor.com