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Regulator outlines new transitional arrangements for building control

18 March 2024

PHILIP WHITE, director of building safety for the Health and Safety Executive, has written to the building control industry outlining new transitional arrangements for the registration of building control inspectors in England.

The Building Safety Regulator has listened to the concerns raised by the profession, including the potential impact on the construction industry if there are not enough inspectors registered to practice by the legal deadline.

Professionals who are not registered by 6 April will not benefit from the extension period and will not be able to continue to work on regulated building control activities.

It’s crucial these concerns are balanced with the requirement for the Building Safety Regulator to implement the Building Safety Act 2022 and the need to raise standards in the profession. It’s also important to remember that these changes were introduced in the wake of the Grenfell Tower tragedy.

White has communicated that a competence assessment extension period of 13 weeks will be introduced from 6 April to 6 July 2024 in order to enable those who meet specific criteria to continue to operate. “This is not an opportunity to delay completing registration as a registered building inspector and there will be no extension to these arrangements,” affirmed White.

The Building Safety Regulator has witnessed a positive response to the changes among the profession and it’s encouraging to see a large number of individuals already engaging with the process. As of 14 March, no fewer than 3,261 professionals have started their applications to register.

In line with the Building Safety Regulator’s enforcement policy statement and the principles of proportionate regulation, regulatory activity will be targeted at those who present the greatest risk, and particularly so those who are not engaging with the new regulatory regime.

*Philip White’s letter can be read in full online