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Hanwha Techwin focuses on Top 5 video surveillance trends for 2021

14 January 2021

HANWHA TECHWIN has detailed what the surveillance solutions manufacturer believes will be the Top 5 key trends for the video surveillance industry during 2021. Those trends cover Artificial Intelligence edge-based solutions, open platform, the cloud, cyber security and finally data protection and privacy issues.

Growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI) edge-based solutions with unlimited apps potential

A key advantage of edge devices is that they have the ability to run specialist software applications on-board. This improves resource efficiency, saves processing time and minimises network bandwidth requirements.

With increased functionality now being included in edge-based deep learning AI solutions, there’s likely to be a large increase in the number of devices deployed which can process data at the edge.

Reflecting a belief that the edge will become an open platform, Hanwha Techwin intends to strengthen its AI-based open platform and work closely with technology partners to create ecosystems which are intuitively user-friendly and scalable and can meet evolving customer demands in a timely manner.

An extended open platform will facilitate the development of a wider array of customised vertical market and end user-specific solutions

With end users wishing to achieve maximum value from their video solutions, software development cannot continue as a siloed process led by a single company’s in-house software engineering team.

Hanwha Techwin is a founding member of the Open Security & Safety Alliance (OSSA), an initiative which has brought like-minded organisations together with the objective of outlining specifications for a common platform for security and safety solutions.

During 2021, the company will work with other members of OSSA to build a standardised and accessible framework designed to provide the flexibility for integrated solutions to be developed that specifically address regional or user-specific requirements.

In parallel to collaborating with other members of OSSA, Hanwha Techwin intends to further improve the compatibility and interoperability of its open platform products within the video surveillance ecosystem. This will be achieved by encompassing specialist edge applications, VMS and cloud solutions developed by third party technology partners and will enable the company to offer a wide array of optimised solutions affording real-life practical benefits and add significant value to video surveillance systems.

Cloud adoption as a business insights tool

The cloud is widely used now as a way of updating product features, as well as installing security patches. However, the increase in the number of edge devices being deployed means that the cloud also has an important role to play as a means of safely managing the devices and handling large amounts of data to provide business intelligence.

Hanwha Techwin plans to introduce a cloud solution which will enable end users to more easily manage Wisenet IP network products and monitor their status in real-time. Equally important, the solution will generate reports which provide greater situational awareness and business intelligence based on the results of analysed data which has been captured at each edge.

Cyber security will become even more crucial with the increased use of edge devices

With data increasingly being captured, stored and secured at the edge as part of a smart factory, a smart office, a smart retail store or (on a larger scale) a Smart City solution, the need for protection against cyber attacks has become an even more essential requirement. Cyber security is (and will remain) a major issue for an application, regardless of its size or complexity.

In 2020, Hanwha Techwin included cyber security functionality within Wisenet7, its most powerful chipset to date. To provide users with peace of mind in knowing their confidential data will be kept safe from hackers, the business also achieved UL Cyber Security Assurance Program certification for the Wisenet7 chipset.

Respect for data protection and privacy

The General Data Protection Regulation in Europe and the CCPA in the US have drawn attention to the need for companies which capture personal data to have adequate privacy procedures in place.

Within the video surveillance industry, the issue of protecting personal identification information based on video data is a significant one. There’s a need to have a balanced approach which ensures compliance with privacy regulations, while also making best use of the latest advances in technology and the data that it helps to capture.

Hanwha Techwin fully appreciates its Corporate Social Responsibility to assist users to comply with privacy regulations. Its SSM and WAVE VMS, Smart Cover of Privacy video editing and masking software and Video Privacy Management solution are all designed to help users adhere to the regulations, while in parallel achieving the maximum benefit from all Wisenet cameras and recording solutions.

“Market research reports and feedback from customers lend weight to these predictions,” said Jeff Lee (pictured, right), managing director of Hanwha Techwin Europe. “In this respect, our product roadmap and sales strategy take into account the fact that, regardless of whether system integrators are involved with complex, mission-critical or high security video surveillance projects or just providing security for small offices, factories or retail applications, these trends and topics are likely to have a major impact during the next 12 months and beyond.”