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Synel UK launches latest cloud-based access control solution

17 February 2021

WORKFORCE MANAGEMENT specialist Synel UK has introduced the latest version of Synergy Access, the cloud-based access control solution which provides a scalable and cost-effective way in which to manage access to restricted areas.

Available as a stand-alone solution or as part of a wider suite of software from Synel that includes Time and Attendance and other workforce management modules, Synergy Access is designed to provide a future-proof solution for access control applications of any size, from one building with just a few doors through to multiple-sited organisations that need to secure many thousands of entrances and exits.

“Synel has already acquired extensive knowledge of what it takes to deliver effective access control solutions, having previously fulfilled the requirements of many existing clients,” asserted James Smith (CEO of Synel UK), “including banks, Data Centres, education facilities, commercial offices, retail, warehousing and manufacturing plants.”

Smith continued: “Of late, we’ve seen steady growth in access control enquiries and sales. The latest version of Synergy Access has been developed in response to feedback from existing customers who’ve told us they’re placing much more value in the benefits delivered by the cloud as well as the latest technological advancements, including facial recognition.”

Latest technology

Synergy Access, which is offered as a traditional on-site architecture solution or via Synel’s fully-managed and hosted cloud architecture, works hand-in-hand with Synel’s own brand readers, as well as fingerprint-based biometric readers and the latest state-of-the-art facial recognition devices produced by technology partner Suprema Systems.

“We’ve enjoyed a long-term business relationship with Synel and, together, we have been able to meet the expectations of many of Synel’s customers,” observed Jamie McMillan, managing director at Suprema Systems. “With the launch of the latest Synergy Access version, Synel has the opportunity to offer system integrators a competitive edge, while at the same time providing users with added value from their access control systems.”

In addition, Synel has partnered with UK Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) specialist 4Sight Imaging to introduce an ANPR module for Synergy Access that allows an on-site ANPR engine to be managed over the cloud as a hybrid solution. This has already been rolled out to a host of customers.

“As technology partners who are experts in their respective fields, 4Sight Imaging and Synel have a proven track record of working together to ensure customers can make the very best use of ANPR as part of an access control solution,” stated Martin Cowley, strategic accounts manager at 4Sight Imaging. “The development that we’ve worked on with Synel allows their customers to take advantage of our ANPR engine while managing credentials through Synel’s platform from anywhere in the world.”

Integration partnerships

James Smith went on to comment: “We’re in a fantastic position to benefit from continued growth with Synergy Access and now actively looking for new integrator partnerships across EMEA who would like to be part of its success.”

He added: “Synergy Access offers system integrators a feature-rich and yet competitively priced access control solution which will enable them to win new business and have the opportunity to enjoy long-term recurring revenue by promoting our cloud-based Security-as-a-Service.”

*Further information is available online at www.synel.co.uk/synergyaccess