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Merger sees Synectics Security become “major independent force” in UK security integration  

03 November 2020

SYNECTICS MOBILE Systems and the Quadrant Security Group have merged to form Synectics Security, which is being badged as one of the largest independent security integrators operating in the UK today.

Combining the on-vehicle expertise of Synectics Mobile Systems and the Quadrant Security Group’s experience in providing electronic security solutions for complex, critical and heavily regulated environments, Synectics Security works with ‘Best-of-Breed’ technology partners to offer “one of the most comprehensive product and service portfolios available”.

Based out of its Nottingham headquarters, the unified business will continue to serve customers in the UK and Ireland operating in the public space, heritage, high security, banking and finance, critical infrastructure and transportation sectors.

Powerful combined capability

“Pairing decades of experience of dealing with the complexities of on-vehicle systems integration together with the expertise and specialist technical qualifications necessary for successful deployment of large-scale security and surveillance solutions creates a powerful combined capability,” said Iain Stringer, managing director of Synectics Security. “That’s not just in terms of transportation where there’s clear opportunity and alignment of skills.”

Stringer continued: “As society progresses towards an ever-more connected urban infrastructure, we’re ideally positioned to help our customers across all of the individual sectors in which we work, leverage the opportunities ahead and work more effectively together. How? By offering field-proven, innovative and ‘Best-of-Breed’ technologies from our merged wider partner portfolio, the knowledge of a pool of expert integration specialists and technical engineers with over 45 years’ combined experience and access to a more comprehensive customer support team.”

When asked about some of the new opportunities Synectics Security hopes to deliver for its customers, Stringer explained: “We have an exciting development around on-vehicle camera monitoring to announce very soon that will have significant implications for both new installs and retrofit on-vehicle projects. We’re also working hard to expand our offer in terms of cloud capabilities, analytics, intelligent software and AI integration. We know that these are key areas for customers in all the sectors we serve.”

Customer insight consultation

To gain an even deeper understanding of customer needs, the security integrator is currently conducting an extensive customer insight consultation. In addition to steering technical development and strategic partnerships, the information generated will be used to enhance and improve the customer experience.

As part of the launch, Synectics Security has also referenced a number of new projects and customers on the horizon. While these cannot be named at present, they include work for a major rail operator linked to COVID-19 requirements, a police force-centric solution and a large-scale military contract.

Commenting on Synectics Security’s continued focus on tailoring solutions to meet these new briefs and the needs of all its customers, Mark Pennington (commercial director at Synectics Security) informed Security Matters: “Both businesses always worked to a customer promise of selecting the right innovative technologies to deliver a tailored solution which meets each of their precise needs. That hasn’t changed, but thanks to our pooled resources, expert capabilities and unified workforce, we’re now in a far stronger position to deliver on that promise and much more besides.”