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City of London Crime Prevention Association and London Fire Brigade launch Project Kestrel for front line security personnel

25 July 2021

THE CITY of London Crime Prevention Association has partnered with the London Fire Brigade and The Skills Network to devise and launch Project Kestrel, in turn offering front line security staff the opportunity to gain a nationally recognised certificate of learning in fire awareness.

The two organisations have worked on the project with The Skills Network. Having previously partnered with the likes of the NHS, The Landmark London and BrewDog to provide online courses for operational staff, The Skills Network has now assisted in the development of a fire awareness course to enable security personnel to upskill, be able to confidently identify fire risks and assist the blue light Emergency Services.

As part of the awareness course, security personnel will be able to learn all aspects of fire safety, including fire prevention and detection and awareness of local hazards and risks, while also gaining a better understanding of duties and responsibilities.

Deputy Commissioner Richard Mills from the London Fire Brigade explained: “We were honoured to have Project Kestrel launched by William Russell, The Lord Mayor of the City of London. The culmination of many months of partnership work developed and progressed during the COVID pandemic lockdown by the City of London Corporation, the City of London Crime Prevention Association and the London Fire Brigade is testament to the energy, dedication and focus of the security sector in the City of London and our own commitment to making people, infrastructure and businesses even safer.”

David Bulbrook, Borough Commander at the London Fire Brigade, added: “This project will further integrate the security sector into effective and efficient emergency response as well as enhance its involvement in fire safety protection and prevention. I think this is just the start of closer collaboration, integrating fire with security to improve how we serve the public.”

Megan Smith, director of product development at The Skills Network, explained: “We’re proud to have helped the London Fire Brigade make people, infrastructure and businesses even safer. Our comprehensive training package will provide invaluable instruction for security personnel when considering fire prevention and when they’re needed for support in the event of a fire. Not only should the course enhance the future work of security personnel, but it should also help with their professional development and lives outside of the working environment.”

Continuing Professional Development

Candidates who enrol on the fire safety instruction programme (which is actively supported by Don Randall MBE, chair of the City of London Crime Prevention Association, and also David Ward MSyI, director of David Ward Associates) have the chance to earn two Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points from The Security Institute.

Enrolment on the course costs just £25 per person. Any profits remaining from Project Kestrel will be split between two charitable causes: The London Fire Brigade Museum and the Fire Cadets and the Cross Sector Safety and Security Communications initiative.

Formed in Yorkshire in 2009, The Skills Network is one of the most successful providers of online learning in the UK and, in fact, has grown to become the UK’s largest provider of technology-based learning solutions. Servicing the corporate, public and educational sectors, the organisation creates high quality learning experiences across a wide range of subject areas.

The Skills Network currently has over 500,000 active learners using its EQUAL learning portal on a regular basis, accessing educational content from CPD activities through to professional qualifications at levels 2, 3 and 4. Its online distance learning courses, staff training programmes and apprenticeship programmes have helped businesses – among them G4S and Thomson Reuters – and the Trades Union Congress to reach their training and development goals.

*To find out more about the fire awareness course or to review the other online courses available visit www.theskillsnetwork.com

**Pictured (left to right) are Don Randall MBE, William Russell and Richard Mills

***There will be an in-depth discussion of Project Kestrel on Episode 20 of the Fire Safety Matters Podcast