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NSI reaches fire approval milestone

11 May 2018

THE NATIONAL Security Inspectorate (NSI) has announced the significant milestone of certificating its 500th fire-approved company for a BAFE scheme.

The 500th NSI approved company to be registered with BAFE is LogiScan Fire and Security based in Wellington, Somerset having achieved the prestigious NSI Fire Gold approval to the BAFE Scheme SP 203-1 for Fire Detection and Alarm systems. LogiScan Fire & Security also holds approval for NACOSS Gold, NSI’s premier scheme for the installation and maintenance of electronic security systems.

NSI is licensed by BAFE, the national, independent registration body for third party certified fire protection companies, to deliver a range of its fire-related third party certification schemes.  These include Fire Detection and Alarms (SP203-1); Fixed Gaseous Fire Suppression Systems (SP203-3); Emergency Lighting (SP203-4); Contract Maintenance of Portable Fire Extinguishers (SP101) and Life Safety Fire Risk Assessment (SP205).

Logiscan Fire & Security engineering director Paul Cavill commented: “We are very proud that our approval to the BAFE scheme is a milestone for NSI and BAFE as well as being such a significant achievement for our own team who have worked so hard to achieve this.”

“We are committed to delivering high quality fire and security services and value the third party scrutiny of our business and technical competence. The NSI audits have established a continuous improvement culture within our business and their feedback helps to drive our business forward.  The use of the BAFE and NSI logos mean our clients can be confident in the high standard of our services.”

BAFE chief executive Stephen Adams added “It is immensely encouraging to see the continued strong growth in third party certification from NSI across the whole range of BAFE schemes. Our collaborative commitment to quality and competency within the fire industry is developing all of the time and we look forward to many more years of active support to help create a safer UK from fire.”

NSI’s Chief Executive Richard Jenkins (pictured) said: “Congratulations to LogiScan Fire & Security on achieving their NSI Gold and BAFE approval. Security and fire safety companies are increasingly choosing NSI as their specialist certification body to take advantage of value-added integrated audits including ISO 9001 to earn Gold approval.”

“Over 1800 organisations have already chosen NSI for their security and/or fire safety certification, all of whom benefit from NSI’s expert, in-house team of auditors, in the approval process, helping to raise operational performance.  Our 500th registration is another key milestone for NSI and BAFE and we look forward to working with many more fire safety businesses who seek to drive up standards in fire safety, conveying their professionalism and competence to clients with independent certification.”