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NCAB Group set to run webinar on ‘PCB Specification and Factory Management’

26 October 2021

ON WEDNESDAY 17 November from 1.00 pm-3.00 pm, the NCAB Group – an organisation offering PCBs that underpin the effective operation of fire detection systems in large-scale and public sector buildings – is running a webinar for solution manufacturers and end users alike entitled ‘PCB Specification and Factory Management’.

Manufacturing many different types of PCBs in smaller series (ie high mix, low volume) involves constantly adjusting, adapting and problem solving. That’s why the NCAB Group operates as a decentralised organisation with local companies assuming full responsibility for their customer relationships.

On hand to support companies as they grow their operations are the business’ specialists who operate within the NCAB Group’s Group Functions. This way of working allows the local companies to focus their time and resources on the end customer.

To ensure production quality and maximise factory performance, the NCAB Group also has its own Factory Management teams on-site at the factories.

The ultimate goal is to provide PCBs with zero defects and on time. Each local company operates as an autonomous financial unit, with full responsibility for its own results. This makes for a high degree of customer commitment and service. There’s a direct line to decision-makers and technical support specialists who understand customer requirements, the available products and all production processes.

Reliable PCBs are created through having the right designs produced in the right factory. Teams continuously monitor and work to improve all aspects of production. In the main factories, teams are hand-picked and trained to work exclusively on the production of PCBs for the NCAB Group.

Webinar topics

On the day of the webinar, several areas are going to be discussed in detail:

*How does the NCAB Group achieve 99%-plus quality with its Factory Management concept?

*What factors need to be taken into account when choosing the right factories to work with?

*How does the NCAB Group go ‘above and beyond’ technical specifications with a view towards improving reliability via its own PCB specification?

*How does the NCAB Group monitor, maintain and improve the quality and reliability of its PCBs?

Presenting the webinar will be Scott Williams (sales manager for the NCAB Group UK) and Steve Shipway (technical manager for the NCAB Group UK).

Registration process

To register for this free-to-attend webinar follow these instructions:

*Click here and type in the access code 2378 179 7665
*Register on the following page by clicking the blue register button
*After registration, you will receive a confirmation e-mail containing the necessary access link and password for the webinar