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City Security Council opens membership to all ACS-registered businesses nationwide

03 November 2020

THE CITY Security Council (CSC) has announced its intention to open membership to all UK-based security companies who are Security Industry Authority Approved Contractor Scheme-registered and who hold (or are working towards attaining) BS 7499, BS 7984 or BS 7858.

The move to broaden the Council’s membership criteria follows the success of its collaborative approach working in partnership with the City of London Police and the Emergency Services in the capital. It also reflects the success of the Council in using its voice to represent the security industry and the thousands of security officers at the heart of it.

Previously, any security company wishing to join the City Security Council was required to have a presence working within the City of London. This was designed to promote the sharing of relevant information and effective collaboration between security companies, the City of London Police and the City of London Corporation. 

Now, after months of seeing the benefits of its work in practice, the Council believes sharing information further afield will have a major benefit for other communities and can help to create stronger and more effective collaborative partnerships with the police service and the Emergency Services on a national footing.

Collaborative working

David Ward (pictured, right), chair of the City Security Council and co-founder of national security company Ward Security, said: “Since the Council’s inception in 2019, we’ve quickly grown in membership and impact. We have successfully proven the benefit of working closely and collaboratively within the City of London and the Council is now recognised as a leading and authoritative voice of the security industry.”

Ward (who was a guest on Episode 10 of the Security Matters Podcast) continued: “During the pandemic, we also showed that, collectively as a Council, we were able to strongly voice and represent the interests of thousands of security officers at Government level. Importantly, we were fundamental in making sure security officers received the recognition they needed and deserved with the Government confirming their status as essential key workers.”

Further, Ward explained: “We now believe that our collaborative approach will have benefit for security companies, police forces, communities and security officers all over the UK. We would like to welcome these companies to join the Council and help them to establish networks within their own communities. We also want to continue to promote high standards which is why we will continue to promote the ACS to our members alongside our Charter.”

Key aims and objectives

The key aims and objectives of the City Security Council are to:

*improve standards of training for security staff in order to deliver effective responses at times of crisis and emergency

*provide resource support to the police in times of crisis and emergency (Operation Griffin)

*standardise effective and efficient responses

*improve and standardise collective responses across media and communication platforms during incidents

*provide the City of London, its residents, visitors and workers with joined-up messaging and a tangible protective multiplier between private security professionals and the City of London

*promote shared values, principles and Best Practice, including research and review of current security practices

*act as a credible voice of the security industry in times of crisis/emergency

Membership of the City Security Council is free. Companies who would like to access more information about joining the City Security Council visit www.citysecuritycouncil.co.uk