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International Security Week 2020: Shaping the Agenda

19 November 2020

WITH 20-PLUS years of events sector experience to date, Rachael Shattock was appointed Group event director at the Nineteen Group (with responsibility for International Security Expo, International Cyber Expo and International Disaster Response) in early 2020. Here, in conversation with Security Matters, Rachael focuses on the necessary pivot to all three events running under one banner in the online domain.

Security Matters: International Security Week, which runs from 30 November until 3 December, is a new virtual event for the industry. How did it come about?

Rachael Shattock: Under normal circumstances, the co-located events International Security Expo, International Cyber Expo and International Disaster Response Expo take place annually, providing an opportunity for the industry to come together and meet like-minded security professionals as well as share insights and Best Practice.

However, given the unprecedented situation facing us all in 2020, we took the decision to pivot the entire event online. For the first time, we’re set to welcome leading experts from around the globe in the studio and remotely.

Security Matters: What can practising security professionals in virtual attendance expect from International Security Week?

Rachael Shattock: International Security Week offers online attendees a chance to hear a host of different perspectives on the challenges being faced by nations and businesses (the latter encompassing both the public and private sectors), as well as those affected first-hand by terrorism.

Each of the four days will be opened by Admiral the Rt Hon Lord West of Spithead GCB DSC PC (chair of International Security Week and former UK security minster) and centred around a theme: International Security Matters, International Cyber Threats, Protecting CNI and Crowded Places and Adapting Law and Order, in addition to International Disaster Response.

Security Matters: What do you feel makes International Security Week different from other virtual events?

Rachael Shattock: Instead of the monotonous and sometimes boring PowerPoint-based slide show-style webinars many readers might have attended during lockdown, our exclusive, free-to-watch innovative sessions will engage and excite attendees. Filmed in a television studio setting with high production values, our aim is to deliver content that feels as if the viewer is watching a fireside chat on a TV talk show. To top it all off, the event will be hosted by renowned industry commentator Philip Ingram MBE who’s fantastically knowledgeable and will no doubt ask some probing questions.

Security Matters: What kind of speakers can attendees expect to hear from during the event?

Rachael Shattock: The virtual nature of this year’s event has allowed us to be even more diverse and international than usual, with experts from around the world able to join us to discuss innovative security solutions.

We know full well that our audience is keen to hear about the latest technological advances aimed at deterring terrorists and preventing cyber attacks, so we’re delighted to be able to offer an incredibly high calibre array of speakers this year including solutions expert Chris Ullah from BlackBerry, Steve Cooper OBE (chief operating officer at Apstec Systems), Tripwire’s strategic account executive Emanuel Ghebreyesus and Niall Griffin (who’ll be representing HS Security, itself a division of Hill & Smith plc).

Security Matters: Can you also outline the key takeaways for attendees?

Rachael Shattock: The programme of invaluable sessions at International Security Week, delivered by the world’s foremost security experts, offers attendees a chance to learn about the industry’s most hard-hitting and pressing topical subjects.

Additionally, all International Security Week content is certified for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) by The Security Institute, meaning that attendees can gain two CPD points for every hour of learning. The event offers a total of 29 CPD points across the week.

Those attendees who join us live for International Security Week will receive a free copy of the latest ‘State of Security’ report authored by specialist consultancy Westlands Advisory. This annual analysis of the security industry, which is priced at £5,000, provides an outlook of how the sector will evolve over the next five years, detailing critical trends and key market analysis.

*To find out more information about International Security Week and to register for attendance visit https://www.internationalsecurityexpo.com/register-for-international-security-week