FireMate announces details of merger with LAN Control Systems

19 July 2021

GLOBAL FIRE protection maintenance software provider FireMate (which is headquartered in Brisbane, Australia) has merged with Nottingham-based LAN Control Systems. The two Halma Group sister companies have been collaborating for more than a year and, as a result of the merger, will now be known globally (and actively trade) as FireMate.

FireMate has been delivering fire protection maintenance software created by the fire industry for the fire industry for more than 15 years now. The company was founded in Australia and joined the Halma Group in January last year.

“FireMate’s asset management software and mobile app enables compliance with British fire standards and is a real game-changer for the British fire protection industry,” explained Brett Emery, general manager at FireMate UK. “The solution is available and supported in the UK. Fire system integrators using the system see immediate productivity enhancements and customer service benefits.”

Rob Thomas, managing director at FireMate, added: “Combining the Nimbus family of remote fire systems monitoring solutions from LAN Control Systems with FireMate’s asset management software enhances visibility and compliance for facility managers and fire system integrators.”

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