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FFE wide-area smoke and flame detection

12 March 2019

FFE LTD is a UK based global design and manufacturing business, dedicated to supplying specialist detection products to the fire industry.

FFE will be exhibiting the latest in wide-area smoke and flame detection. The Fireray range of beam smoke detectors will be on display, including the NEW Fireray One. This new ground-breaking beam detector self-aligns in just one minute and offers a sophisticated solution to those wishing to protect large commercial and public spaces with a simple, one person installation process.

The Talentum flame detectors are used in array of dangerous environments, including recycling facilities, textile plants, petrochemical plants and aircraft hangars. The Talentum flame detector has also been adapted to protect theBloodhound supersonic car. They can see flickering flames through dust, smoke, oil films, steam, water and glass, making them perfect for dusty, dirty or wet environments. They are also immune from the effects of sunlight, artificial light, arc welding, electrical sparks and UV lamps.

Visit FFE’s booth, located on stand FS16, and their experts will be on hand to answer any questions. For more information, visit www.ffeuk.com