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NorthPoint scales new monitoring and maintenance heights with Nimbus

25 September 2023

NIMBUS – THE fire safety management technology specialist – has secured a landmark deal with NorthPoint Fire and Security for the installation of its fire system management and monitoring units in 11 schools across Barnsley. The project is set to enhance the safety of thousands of students and staff, while ensuring full compliance with fire system testing, monitoring and maintenance.

Managers and school leaders are under increasing pressure to ensure that fire systems are always fully compliant and fit for purpose, while at the same time having to confront the challenges presented by stretched resources.

NorthPoint Fire and Security, which is based in York, selected the Nimbus solution as the preferred choice to bolster fire system reliability and performance across multiple schools in South Yorkshire. The adoption of Nimbus reflects the increasing demand for advanced and reliable fire safety solutions in the education sector.

Testing and monitoring

Daniel Turnbull, managing director of NorthPoint Fire and Security, stated: “In tandem, our partnership with Nimbus and the adoption of the Nimbus solution represent a significant advancement in fire safety for those schools involved. Not only does this innovative technology enhance safety, but it also reduces stress for school staff who bear the responsibility of testing and monitoring these systems. By replacing outdated systems with Nimbus, we’re saving time and money, while in parallel ensuring full compliance with all relevant regulations and Best Practice.”

Turnbull continued: “Real-time monitoring, its data exchange capabilities and the seamless integration of Nimbus with the existing fire systems are all vital. These features allow us to respond quickly and efficiently to potential fire hazards and faults, which is critical in a school environment where thousands of young lives are being protected. This is an investment not only in technology, but also in peace of mind for staff, parents and the wider community.”

The Nimbus remote fire alarm management platform is designed to make life simpler and stress-free for fire system installers, maintenance engineers and end users, while replacing multiple channels, such as spreadsheets, whiteboards, calendars and job sheets, etc with a simple and automated solution. Nimbus can be installed alongside new systems or retrofitted to existing ones.”

Ideal match

Peter Martin, UK business manager at Nimbus, commented: “NorthPoint Fire and Security’s unwavering commitment to safety and innovation perfectly aligns with the ethos of our own business, making this partnership an ideal match. Adopting the Nimbus solution in 11 schools across South Yorkshire is a significant step forward in ensuring the highest standards of fire safety in educational institutions in the county.

"Nimbus' state-of-the-art technology enables organisations like NorthPoint Fire to remotely manage and maintain their clients' fire systems. This is particularly beneficial in the education sector, where the need for a swift and efficient response to potential issues is paramount. Moreover, integrating seamlessly with existing fire systems and providing real-time monitoring and reporting makes Nimbus a trusted solution for fire safety managers and Responsible Persons.”

Nimbus exists to fulfil a pressing – and often legally mandated – requirement for enhanced asset management, monitoring and reporting in the fire sector. Developed by industry experts passionate about effective fire safety, the fire protection maintenance software and remote fire alarm management system realised by Nimbus represent a seismic change in the approach adopted by many fire maintenance service providers and their clients, in turn affording them greater oversight, awareness and reassurance than ever before.

*Further information is available online at www.nimbusdigital.com