FireMate targets significant UK growth in wake of acquisition by Halma plc

02 August 2022

FIRE INDUSTRY asset management and software specialist FireMate has enjoyed rapid growth in the 12-month period since its acquisition by industry conglomerate Halma plc. The business is now aiming for further expansion in 2022-2023, spurred on by growing demand for its products resulting from changes in UK legislation and Best Practice.

Specialising in fire protection maintenance software and remote fire alarm management, the Australian business and its UK subsidiary were acquired in 2020 as part of Halma plc’s ambition to offer a full spectrum of fire systems and services through its various subsidiaries, among them Ampac, Apollo, Advanced, FFE and Hyfire.

FireMate is now seeking to capitalise on the rapid evolution of the UK marketplace, where the Fire Safety Act 2021 and PAS 9980 have placed new obligations on fire system installers, building owners and ‘Responsible Persons’, notably so in the multi-unit residential sector.

“The UK market is going through a challenging period of adjustment, yet it’s also exciting as we already have a stable of products that can help to meet the challenges presented by changes to legislation, regulation and Best Practice,” explained Rob Thomas (pictured), managing director of FireMate. “In particular, our products allow FireMate’s clients to effectively keep track of fire system maintenance and testing, while simultaneously creating a digital record of all actions, from routine service activities and defect management right through to invoicing and compliance reporting.”

Distinct ranges

FireMate offers two distinct product ranges: its eponymous fire protection maintenance software and the Nimbus remote fire alarm management platform, which can be used independently or as a mutually beneficial suite of tools.

In essence, both products are designed to make life simpler and stress-free for fire system installers, maintenance engineers and end users, while also ensuring that all compliance obligations are met and replacing multiple channels – such as spreadsheets, whiteboards, calendars and job sheets, etc – with a simple and automated online solution.

Thomas added: “While several of the new rules in the UK have been driven by the Grenfell Tower fire, many of them are sensible and logical developments that take advantage of the opportunities offered by digital technology. When regulations become more complex and their fulfilment becomes a fundamental legal requirement, the old ways of doing things are no longer fit for purpose. ‘Responsible Persons’ need a way in which to monitor all fire system maintenance procedures and keep track of everything, often from an office hundreds of miles away. This is an opportunity for FireMate, but also a welcome discovery for many of our clients and end users.”

Sister companies

As part of its ambitious expansion plans, FireMate is working closely with its sister companies across the Halma stable, most recently partnering with Ampac, FFE and Hyfire at an industry exhibition where the synergy between each company’s solutions was demonstrated to prospective customers. Additional synergies and partnering opportunities are currently under development.

Founded in Australia, FireMate exists to fulfil a pressing and often legally mandated requirement for enhanced asset management, monitoring and reporting in the fire sector.

Developed by industry experts with a passion for effective fire safety, the company’s fire protection maintenance software and remote fire alarm management represent “a seismic change” in the approach taken by many fire system installers and their clients, affording them more oversight, awareness and reassurance than at any time in days gone by.

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