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Fire contained in high-rise

03 October 2018

FIREFIGHTERS DEALT with a fire at Cottingley Towers, Leeds, after a blaze broke out on the 20th floor on 1 October.

The fire was extinguished in the flat of origin and firefighters assessed the safety of the flat above and made sure that the fire did not spread.

There have been no reports of injuries as a result of the fire, and the building did not require a full evacuation.

Six fire engines attended the high-rise building from Hunslet, Leeds, Stanningley, Rothwell, Killingbeck.

Area Manager Chris Kirby said: “This incident has been quickly dealt with by firefighters who rushed to the scene following an emergency call into our Control Room at 10.37am.

“There was no-one inside the flat where the fire started, or the flat above, however the high-rise building was occupied by other residents.

“Residents were safe to stay inside their flats whilst crews dealt with the fire, however, some people chose to leave the building and fire crews assisted a handful of people to get outside.”

The incident concluded at around at around 12.20pm and by this time crews were damping down.

The incident was later reduced to two fire engines.

Area Manager Chris Kirby added: “The building did react in the way we would expect and the fire did not spread beyond the flat of origin, however that flat has been severely damaged by fire.

“The fire has caused some damage to the window on a flat above as a result of radiant heat.

“I must praise the firefighters who dealt with this incident quickly and our partner agencies for their support in helping us deal with the fire and its aftermath in a very controlled way.”

Fire Investigators are now on the scene looking into the cause of the fire however the responding crew have now left.