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Fire Standards Board launches twelfth professional Fire Standard

31 October 2022

THE FIRE Standards Board (FSB) has announced the launch of the twelfth professional Fire Standard, with the latest one focused on Data Management. The Data Management Fire Standard concentrates on ensuring that Fire and Rescue Services can deliver excellence to the public by maximising the value of good quality and reliable data.

One of the desired outcomes of the Data Management Fire Standard is that Fire and Rescue Services will use data to inform their community risk management planning and other key activities, which will contribute to a reduction in risk and improvements in community safety.

This area of work was led by Andrew Hopkinson, chief fire officer and programme executive for the Digital and Data Programme. The development of the Fire Standard was also supported by Apollo Gerolymbos (data lead for the National Fire Chiefs Council), the Digital and Data Programme team and colleagues in both the Home Office and the Police Digital Service.

From the active network of data practitioners, a group of subject matter experts and representatives from Fire and Rescue Services were also drawn together to support the development of the Fire Standard.

Improved quality of service

One of the expected benefits of achieving the Data Management Fire Standard is that Fire and Rescue Services will deliver an improved quality of service to the public because of their effective use of high quality and robust local, regional and national data to evidence considerations and decision-making.

As is the case with all Fire Standards, there’s a corresponding Fire Standards Implementation Tool, which is designed to support Fire and Rescue Services in assessing how well they already meet the Fire Standard and what they may need to consider and act on in terms of their working practices. It aims to help them build an action plan that will then enable to achieve the Fire Standard in time.

Clear expectations

Fire Minister Jeremy Quin said: “I’m delighted to see the launch of the Data Management Fire Standard, which sets clear expectations that Fire and Rescue Services should meet. Using data effectively will ensure that our Fire and Rescue Services make evidence-based decisions that best protect their communities.”

Quinn continued: “The Fire Standards Board is instrumental in setting the strategic direction for the sector and the creation of this new Fire Standard is a continuation of its vital role. The document is also in keeping with our Fire Reform White Paper’s aim of ensuring that Fire and Rescue Services are modern, flexible and fit for the challenges of the 21st Century.”

Suzanne McCarthy, chair of the FSB, concluded: “The Board welcomes the launch of the new Data Management Fire Standard and recognises the contribution it will bring to Fire and Rescue Services and the communities they serve by reducing risk. In addition to the development of new standards, we are working collaboratively with Fire and Rescue Services to support the implementation of those issued to date.”