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Chubb’s evacuation system “sets standard for performance and compliance”

12 January 2022

FIRE SAFETY solutions provider Chubb has launched a high-rise evacuation alert system designed to assist the UK’s Fire and Rescue Services in safely evacuating people from residential buildings over 18 metres in height.

Responding to the new Code of Practice recommendations outlined within BS 8629:2019, the high-rise evacuation alert system will facilitate the immediate evacuation of any floor within a building, securely phasing the evacuation process itself and providing “the highest levels” of tenant and asset protection.

The system’s operating panel is housed within a tamper-proof enclosure that features an STS 205 BR2 security rating and can only be opened by a patented key and lock mechanism conforming to BS EN 1303.

Easy-to-use toggles enable Fire and Rescue Services personnel to instantly activate alarm sounders, while the LED indicators provide a clear overview of evacuation zone status in order to support the quick and straightforward implementation of planned evacuation strategies.

Suitable for both new build and retrofit applications, the system’s hybrid network capabilities offer building owners the flexibility to tailor it to meet their own specific requirements, while the system can also be continuously upgraded and extended in order to meet future legislative updates.

Further, the flexible nature of the system affords building owners the ability to wirelessly interlink each individual alarm sounder and visual alarm device to the hardwired evacuation alert control and indicating equipment panel.

Peace of mind

David Foord, fire system sales director at Chubb, observed: “For over 200 years now, Chubb has been committed to making our customers’ world a safer place. The launch of the high-rise evacuation alert system is a reflection of this dedication, providing building owners with the highest possible standards of protection and performance.”

Foord went on to comment: “We understand the importance of ensuring the successful and safe evacuation of tenants in the event of a fire, which is precisely why our latest system has been designed in accordance with BS 8629:2019. That provides complete peace of mind.”

Supporting the installation and reporting stages, Chubb also provides proof of testing upon handover, in addition to conducting regular testing in accordance with complete compliance.

Featuring technology recommended within BS 8629:2019, the high-rise evacuation alert system is supported by Chubb’s nationwide network of dedicated engineering and support teams, the members of whom provide building owners with industry-leading advice, knowledge and service.

*Further detail is available online at https://www.chubbfiresecurity.com/en/uk/products/fire/evacuation/evacuation-alert-system/