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Reading Fire Safety Matters supports individual Continuing Professional Development

16 July 2020

FIRE SAFETY Matters - Western Business Media’s dedicated fire sector-focused journal - has unveiled the detail behind a Continuing Professional Development-focused arrangement with The Institute of Fire Safety Managers (IFSM) which will hugely benefit the magazine’s extensive readership base.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is the term used to describe the learning activities that professionals engage in with a view towards enhancing and developing their abilities. In essence, it enables learning to become conscious and proactive in nature rather than passive and reactive.

Importantly, CPD assists individuals to regularly focus on how they can become a more competent and effective sector-focused professional. Training and learning increase confidence and overall capability and actively boost career aspirations. Those who engage in CPD can adapt positively to changes in work/industry requirements, with the recording of CPD providing demonstrable evidence of ongoing professional development.

Above all, perhaps, CPD shows a clear commitment to self-development and professionalism, allowing individuals to identify knowledge gaps and duly resolve these in what is a recognisable approach towards improvement.

Fire sector professionals who adopt a structured approach towards their professional development are able to keep pace with changes in the industry, achieve recognition, identify their competencies, become more employable, improve their skills, achieve their goals and, ultimately, progress in their career.

IFSM policy on CPD

The IFSM’s policy is that all members should undertake CPD. The Institute also acknowledges and supports the notion that, whatever organisation a fire-focused professional resides within and whatever role they’re performing, CPD is a valuable component of an individual’s development. It helps to ensure that an individual’s knowledge and skills remain up-to-date.

From the IFSM’s perspective, CPD is a process of constantly updating personal skills and knowledge. This is something that’s owned by the individual. It involves keeping abreast (and developing a deeper knowledge) of the latest advances in fire safety, fire risk management, security and Health and Safety (in addition to any other subjects that touch upon what the individual practitioner does on a day-to-day basis in their role). Maintaining and enhancing competence, increasing personal effectiveness, improving general knowledge and adding to life skills are equally a part of this mix.

Earning CPD points

Thanks to the new arrangement, the readers of Fire Safety Matters will earn one informal CPD point ratified by the IFSM for every two hours that they spend reading the journal in print or online, with half a point gained for every hour of reading. Reading Fire Safety Matters ensures that, as a practising security professional, you’re always up-to-date in terms of the latest developments in the industry. As such, this is a recognised CPD activity under the IFSM’s popular scheme.

An important point to note here is that the number of informal CPD points that can be gained by those fire sector professionals reading Fire Safety Matters is capped at 12 points across any given year.

Informal CPD activity also encompasses things like writing presentations, being involved in the compilation of White Papers, mentoring and research etc, and is often aimed at educating or supporting the development of others. Formal CPD, on the other hand, would include attendance at events, seminars and conferences and active engagement with courses of learning and qualifications.

Engaging with content

Speaking about the new CPD arrangement for the readers of Fire Safety Matters, Bob Docherty (chairman of the IFSM) commented: “The Institute is delighted to be working in partnership with Fire Safety Matters in offering CPD points to those who read the magazine and engage with its digital content such as webinars and the fortnightly podcast.” Docherty served as a guest on Episode 4 of the Fire Safety Matters Podcast.

Brian Sims, Editor of Fire Safety Matters, responded: “I’m thrilled to announce this arrangement which will be of huge long-term benefit to our readership. CPD has been a core focus of mine during my 30-plus years of serving as a B2B journal Editor. I’ve always been heavily involved in promoting the importance of ongoing learning and structured career progression. We would like to thank the IFSM for its ongoing and hugely valued support.”