Public consultation open for BS 8644-1 on fire safety information

05 July 2021

THE PUBLIC consultation process for Part One of the new Code of Practice for the Digital Management of Fire Safety Information is now open and runs until Sunday 22 August. In its role as the UK’s national standards body, the British Standards Institution (BSI) is seeking the views of practitioners in the fire, construction, housing, digital and safety industries.

BS 8644-1: Digital Management of Fire Safety Information. Part 1: Design, Construction, Handover, Asset Management and Emergency Response – Code of Practice will give recommendations for the management, presentation and exchange of fire safety-specific and related information using digital information management processes.

The document covers several stages in the lifecycle of assets in all parts of the built environment, including infrastructure, briefing, design, construction (encompassing on-site fire safety information), asset handover, assets in operation and Fire and Rescue Service intervention.

In essence, the objectives of BS 8644 are to provide a safer built environment that is appropriate for its intended end users, reduce the level of disruption to business operations and property loss as a result of fire episodes and also enable relevant, accurate and accessible fire safety information to be made available to the right individuals at the right time.

The British Standard is intended for use by individuals and organisations that contribute to and influence the definition of design, construction, use, maintenance and end of life of a built asset. It’s applicable primarily to new built assets, but its principles can also be applied to existing assets.

Following on from the consultation period, the British Standard is due to be published before the end of this year. It certainly has the potential to significantly improve the way in which today’s organisations capture, store and share fire safety information using digital information management processes.

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**Part 2 of the British Standard Code of Practice is currently in preparation and will include a Code of Practice focused on the development and use of fire strategies