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Scottish FRS opens new control centre

22 September 2017

THE SCOTTISH Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) has opened its new £2.5million operations control centre in Dundee.

The purpose-built facility opened on 19 September and brings the total number of SFRS operations control centres serving Scotland to three, with the remaining two protecting the East and the West Scotland.

Work is now underway to procure a single command and control communications and mobilisation system (CCMS) – to further enhance resilience and emergency call handling capability. The new building can accommodate up to 40 watch personnel and boasts a cutting-edge Incident Support Room where officers can coordinate and oversee major emergency situations at short notice. In addition, staff have new changing room facilities and rest areas.

SFRS chief fire officer Alasdair Hay said: “This launch marks the final milestone in a three-year programme to safely migrate the eight former legacy centres into three state-of-the-art Controls, each fit for the 21st Century -and beyond.

“Our 165 committed Control Firefighters across Scotland are the unseen frontline, working together to play a critical role in the safety and wellbeing of Scotland’s communities. It is therefore only right and proper that we provide them with the very best equipment and facilities to help them deliver, and keep delivering.

 “This facility has resilience, capability and a working environment far beyond that seen in the legacy centres in the North. Quite simply, it delivers a genuine step change in the levels of service we can provide to those communities.

“But it could not have been delivered without our Command and Control Futures Team. Indeed, a recent comprehensive report by HM Fire Service Inspectorate acknowledged our robust processes, programme management and our achievements as we created three Operations Control, strategically placed across the country.

“I believe the SFRS has an exciting future ahead. We have recently shared a vision of a transformed Service doing so much more for the people of Scotland. But to deliver that vision requires the right foundation such as this Operational Control.”