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ASFP to partner with British Coatings Federation for administrative services

24 June 2020

HAVING SPENT the last 40 years running its administrative operations via the offices of Association Group Management (AGM) Ltd in Bordon, the Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP) is to appoint the British Coatings Federation (BCF) as its new secretariat service provider.

The move is due to the ASFP’s significant growth in recent years and its need for full-time administrative support for its ever-broadening training and member support programmes. The decision will involve transferring the ASFP’s entire secretariat and administration function to the BCF’s headquarters in Coventry with the aim of completing this process in the next few months.

Since AGM Ltd services multiple clients, the organisations have agreed to part by mutual consent to enable each to further develop their own services and operations.

The move offers the ASFP opportunity for continued growth in all aspects of its operations and will enable the organisation to continue to provide appropriate support for its expanding membership. Other considerations such as location, meeting facilities and business management were also major factors in the ASFP’s choice of new service provider.

The new arrangement offers the benefit of access to in-house meeting facilities along with further efficiencies in accounting, administrative and customer relationship management systems, as well as enhancements to the website and media interfaces.

Greater synergy

The new partnership also offers the opportunity to develop greater synergy between the two organisations, allowing both to pool their shared expertise in matters relating to fire safety.

Although the Coronavirus outbreak may impact on short-term growth, the ASFP believes the change remains essential in protecting the Association’s current position, while also future-proofing for the anticipated expansion in membership and services in the coming years. 

Commenting on the move, ASFP CEO Niall Rowan told Fire Safety Matters: “The ASFP’s strong growth in recent years, coupled with our significant expansion into training, means that the Association’s interests can be better served by an organisation that’s situated in a more central location, much nearer to our membership base and closer to ASFP officers. The BCF offers outstanding facilities and the opportunity to develop a more synergistic relationship going forward. We’re sure members will notice that the services we offer will develop significantly with the excellent support available from the BCF.”

Rowan added: “I would like to thank Association Group Management Ltd for its long and dedicated service and its continued loyalty and support, which has enabled the ASFP to develop into the thriving organisation it is today. We wish the business every success in the future.”

Strong working relationship

BCF CEO Tom Bowtell responded: “We’re delighted to have been selected by the ASFP to support its back office operations. This new arrangement builds on our existing strong working relationship with the ASFP. We look forward to delivering outstanding service to all ASFP members with two new dedicated members of administrative staff. The BCF has a culture of operational excellence driven by office manager Nadine Saxon’s leadership. We will incorporate this into ASFP processes, systems and member engagement going forward.”

AGM Ltd director Lauren Fairley concluded: “We have seen the ASFP grow substantially in the last few years and, as a result,, we feel that the Association now needs its own directly employed secretariat. We have made life-long friends within the Association and among its members and wish it well in all future activities.” 

*Further information on the ASFP is available by visiting the website at www.asfp.org.uk