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ASFP accredits MPI training course

17 October 2018

THE ASSOCIATION for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP) has entered into an agreement with MPI Group to accredit the Corrodere Thin Film Intumescent Coatings Training Course, a new module under the Train the Painter coating applicator training programme.

Intumescent coatings are applied to structural steel either on or off site to prevent structural failure in the event of fire but it is essential that such fire protection coatings are applied correctly. This new training and certification programme covers all the requirements for the successful application of thin film intumescent coatings and can only be conducted by approved training providers, who are Affiliate members of the Train the Painter Scheme.

A one-day course is available to applicators who have already completed the Train the Painter Bronze, Silver or Gold (or equivalent) course for other types of coating and obtained a Train the Painter Card. Those with no recognised qualification must undertake a three-day programme which includes a two-day basic coatings course followed by the one-day thin film intumescent coatings applicator course.

The three-day course includes two-days of general modules on Health and Safety; Paint Materials; Airless Spray Equipment; and Plural Component Spray. The one-day thin film intumescent coatings course provides an overview of the characteristics and Quantity Requirements for such coatings; Details of documentation, Training and application, Dry Film Thickness; Quality Control and Inspection Equipment.

The applicator must pass a theory examination for both parts of the course and a practical assessment after the thin film intumescent coatings module. The practical assessment aims to ensure that candidates can demonstrate they are competent in the specific tasks required to safely and effectively applying a thin film intumescent coating to a defined parameter or specification. 

Successful candidates will be awarded a Thin Film Intumescent Coating Applicator Qualification approved by BRE and ASFP. On achieving the qualification candidates obtain a 5-year CSCS ID Card. Those with less than 1600 hours of coating application experience can obtain an Orange Trainee Thin Film Intumescent ID Card; while those with over 1600 hours of experience can obtain a Red Thin Film Intumescent ID Card.

Announcing the agreement, ASFP CEO Niall Rowan said, ‘The ASFP has long recognised the importance of correct installation for all types of passive fire protection product, including those products and coatings aimed at protecting structural steelwork.

"We are pleased to accredit the new Corrodere Thin Film Intumescent Coatings Training Course which aims to ensure that applicators are competent and have the skills and understanding to undertake this vital fire protection work.

"The Train the Painter scheme is an established programme which offers a recognised qualification for all types of coating applicator and we look forward to working with the MPI Group on this new specialist module.’

Welcoming the ASFP’s support for the new module, Andrew Deere of MPI Group declared: "We are very pleased to have the endorsement and support of such an important organisation as ASFP for our Thin Film Intumescent Coating Course. 

"We look forward to working with the ASFP team to bring the course to market to help improve standards and quality of work within the industry, to raise awareness of the importance of correctly applied Intumescent coatings and most importantly improving levels of health and safety in the workplace.’