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AMG-Impulse Engineering partnership delivers secure Ethernet transmission

14 April 2020

AMG SYSTEMS has announced that, thanks to installation partner Impulse Engineering Limited, its range of high-performance transmission equipment is being deployed across a broad range of high-security surveillance applications and market sectors around the globe.

A specialist electrical engineering contractor based in Bentley, Hampshire, Impulse Engineering serves blue chip companies around the world, installing electrical security solutions (among them sophisticated fire, intruder, access control and CCTV systems) that protect high value sites and Critical National Infrastructure (CNI).

Impulse Engineering designs each installation to suit the specific needs of the client. This installations can range from small secure sites that are used by authorised personnel only and require off-site CCTV monitoring and intruder alarms to protect them through to larger secure sites requiring an integrated, sometimes bespoke package often required to meet Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure recommendations.

For all of the high-security installations, AMG Systems has become a trusted partner to work alongside during the design phase to ensure any given network can transfer the mission-critical video and data from, for example, access points to internal Security Control Rooms.

A layered approach to the security systems fitted allows the packages to work together to achieve the level of protection each site requires.

Reduced disruption

“At each and every private or public sector installation, Impulse Engineering assesses the specific requirements and obstacles to be overcome,” explained Tim Beacham, engineering manager at Impulse Engineering. “We always aim to complete works with minimal disruption to customers’ staff. This is helped greatly by fitting AMG's transmission equipment, which is easy to install and set up, and takes less time to program and fault find, thereby reducing the time and disruption caused by the installation.” 

Beacham went on to state: “From experience, we know that AMG's equipment is able to withstand harsh weather conditions without any failure or slowing-down of transmission. In addition, AMG’s high-speed, high-bandwidth transmission capability supports the clarity of real-time monitoring and recording, as well as logged data. Given that many of our projects are conducted overseas, another important factor in the choice of transmission equipment is its sustainability, where the high-quality equipment has proven to be ultra-reliable, minimising the need for costly return trips.”

Making use of existing infrastructure

The Impulse Engineering design team has often worked closely with AMG Systems' account manager, Hayley Joseph, as well as members of the AMG technical design team, to ensure the right level of resilience can be achieved while making use of the existing infrastructure.

Joseph observed: “It's always a pleasure to work with a team that can give us the highest level of information on the integrated security solution they're proposing to allow us to ensure the network proposal is fit for purpose. Having worked closely with Impulse Engineering for a number of years, I'm grateful to be able to offer them a value added service in terms of system design, schematics and pre-configuration to allow a faster installation time. I find the team professional and knowledgeable.”

In addition to high-security CNI, Impulse Engineering operates within a wide variety of other industry sectors, among them finance, aviation and the heritage sector.