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Simpro accelerates digital transformation for fire sector trade businesses

08 November 2023

SIMPRO, THE business management software developer for trade service businesses in the fire sector, recently hosted its first user conference, entitled ‘Simprosium’, across four cities in Australia and New Zealand. Underpinned by the strapline ‘Turning Chaos into Clarity’, the gathering attracted a diverse audience of more than 700 Simpro customers, industry experts and ecosystem partners, all of them eager to learn about the latest platform features.

The overall theme of ‘Simprosium’ focused on supporting customers as they navigate the adoption of new technology innovations shaping the future of the trades industry – including the fire safety sector – while providing an open forum as Simpro continues to build a community.

New Simpro product features were announced, including security enhancements to improve customer experience, the integration of Stripe payment processing software and new business intelligence reporting features and dashboards, duly highlighting the ability to subscribe to and automate business intelligence reports (and, specifically for Xero customers, to reconcile sales invoices).

Also signposted were the recent incorporation of ClockShark time tracking capabilities to the platform and the introduction of new digital form enhancements.

The adoption of these new Simpro product features is vital for helping trade service businesses operating in the fire sector to reduce time spent on administration tasks, meet the needs of their ‘digital-savvy’ customer base and, importantly, scale upwards on an exponential basis.

Integrated solution

“Simpro transformed our approach from mere estimation on spreadsheets to a comprehensive solution that integrates sales, operations and more,” explained Porty Ushan, director at IT services business Aloka Technology. “The company’s powerful API capabilities have allowed us to seamlessly connect various systems, ensuring an holistic view without technological hindrance. Simpro is more than an operations manager as well. It has become the connective tissue that unifies our processes and empowers our business to thrive.”

Attendees at the event heard from Simpro’s leadership, partners and customers on key topics including inflation, staff retention and how leveraging data to drive company insights can support innovation.

‘Simprosium’ attendees heard from Simpro’s CEO Gary Specter, chief product officer Jason Penkethman and Wayne Barelds, vice-president of product. Representatives from Modus Operandi, Aloka Technology and Mouldmen also aired their views.

Customer discussions concentrated on adaptability, highlighting how business leaders respond to change and how Simpro as a company facilitates and drives these transformations. The conversation also focused on the aforementioned business reporting and underscored the significance of business intelligence tools in steering growth and investments, providing insights into time and financial resource allocation and meeting a critical need as has been expressed by Simpro’s customers.

Meeting and understanding

“The ‘Simprosium’ event was all about meeting our customers and understanding what’s front of mind for them,” explained Gary Specter. “It was important to me that we didn’t just talk at them, but rather talk with them to truly hear them so that, together, we can collaborate and create a community where we can invest in each other and be successful.”

Specter added: “It was an invigorating and humbling experience to be met with such honesty, enthusiasm and excitement around the community we will continue to build together.”

Given the success of this inaugural event, Simpro plans to roll-out these gatherings to serve its growing UK and US markets in 2024. According to the company: “This move is testament to Simpro’s dedication to fostering a thriving community with its customers. We are continuing to build a collaborative ecosystem wherein customers partner with Simpro to lead the way in innovation in the global trade service sector.”

*Further information is available online at www.simprogroup.com