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Scottish Fire and Rescue Service chair retires

11 December 2017

THE CHAIR of the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service Board has retired after more than five years of service.

Pat Watters steps down from the role, having led the national service in taking the first steps towards transforming to better meet the needs of Scotland’s communities. Mr Watters has spoken of his pride on his final day, thanking SFRS staff and wishing his successor, Kirsty Darwent, best wishes in her new role.

He said: “I am extremely proud to have been part of this incredible Service. 

“The strength of commitment and dedication of the people within the SFRS family is something I have not seen anywhere else.

“I leave with mixed feelings. I feel a deep sense of pride for what we have achieved since becoming a single Service. 

“I also feel sadness that I am ending this role just as we are about to start transformation – truly the most exciting of opportunities. Our reform journey to date has set a solid foundation for the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service to continue to evolve to meet the changing risks of Scotland.

“The Service now moves forward under the leadership of your new Chair, Kirsty Darwent. I know you will deliver transformation with the same professionalism you demonstrate each and every day.”

“I am proud to have served as Chair of a Board whose members, working with all those in the Service, have ensured that by setting out an inspirational vision we are leading by example in the public sector. 

“I am also privileged to have been supported by a cohort of senior managers, both present and those who have left over the past few years.  Their personal and professional contribution has been outstanding.

“It’s my deeply held belief that SFRS can do so much more for the people of Scotland, and I know that Kirsty will want to share with you her views on the future of the Service very soon.  

“I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for the work you do every day to keep our country safe.  You protect the people of Scotland and you save lives.  For this, the public holds you in the highest of regard, as do I.”