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Lincolnshire blue lights hub gets the green light

03 October 2017

A NEW ambulance, fire and police station to be built at South Park in Lincoln has been given planning permission.

The new tri-service station, designed to encourage closer collaboration of the city’s emergency services, will house 180 staff working together to keep the city and its residents safe. Preparation works are now expected to start on the site, with full construction starting in early 2018.

During the construction works, fire crews from Lincoln South will respond from a temporary station on the South Park site, ensuring a consistent level of operational response is maintained. As announced last summer, the building will be home to ambulance crews covering the Lincoln area, Lincoln South’s firefighters and police officers and staff, currently located at West Parade.

The new station will feature a three-storey building with service specific office space, operational accommodation and shared areas. It will also include provision for operational parking and fast deployment for all three emergency services. The main public entrance will be at the centre of the new building, easily accessible from the main road with a dedicated visitor parking area.

As part of the development, the existing fire training tower and workshops will be retained and refurbished to create additional operational space. Chair of the planning committee for Lincolnshire County Council Councillor Ian Fleetwood said: “I’m very pleased that the application passed unanimously. This is an excellent opportunity to give people a better quality service, and help to ensure they get the emergency services they need on a quicker basis.”

For more information about the development, visit www.lincolnshire.gov.uk/bluelight.