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Gerd Hülsen appointed vice-chair of Extinguishing Section at Euralarm

15 January 2024

MEMBERS OF Euralarm’s Extinguishing Section have elected Gerd Hülsen as vice-chair. Hülsen succeeds Torbjørn Laursen in the role. Euralarm, of course, represents the electronic fire and security industries, providing leadership and expertise for industry, policy-makers and standards bodies.

Commenting on his new role within Euralarm, Hülsen informed Fire Safety Matters: “Fire safety and the protection of life and assets are topics that are central to the work of the Extinguishing Section. Protection methods continually improve and regulations are constantly changing, thereby amplifying the need for monitoring and guidance to affected stakeholders.”

Hülsen (who represents Siemens at Euralarm) added: “There’s an ongoing requirement for international co-operation, bringing the best in our field together to contribute not only to safety, but also to the future of industry right across Europe. Euralarm’s myriad member companies make society safer through the delivery of systems for fire detection and extinguishing. I’m proud to be part of the team.”

Fire protection methods continually improve. However, some regulations are constantly under threat and need monitoring. Legislators require guidance as they don’t always fully understand the technologies involved. The review of the F-Gas Regulations is one of the areas being afforded special attention by Euralarm’s Extinguishing Section.

Euralarm is monitoring the technical and political trends and taking determined action to guide and influence their development. This work is transacted in tandem with a diverse number of stakeholders in Europe. The organisation collaborates on finding solutions for today’s fire safety-focused challenges, among them the need for pan-European testing, as well as those impacting tomorrow (including fire safety in a digitised world).

Alan Elder, chair of Euralarm’s Extinguishing Section, stated: “I would like to thank Torbjørn for his efforts as vice-chair. I’m sure that Gerd will be given the support that our delegates have always afforded Torbjørn and myself. They will undoubtedly help us to move the Extinguishing Section on to the next level.”

Founded back in 1970, Euralarm now represents upwards of 5,000 companies within the fire safety and security industries valued at circa 67 billion Euros. Euralarm Members are both national associations and individual companies from across Europe.

*Further information is available online at www.euralarm.org/extinguishing-section.html