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Abbott resumes role as shadow home secretary

21 June 2017

DIANE ABBOTT has resumed her position as shadow home secretary after being replaced a day before the general election for health reasons.

Ms Abbott stepped away from the role temporarily on 7 June citing a health condition and was replaced by former shadow fire minister Lyn Brown. It was later revealed that she suffers from type 2 diabetes and this had become even more problematic during the election campaign. She claimed this had been the reason why she has delivered a number of gaffes during interviews on the run up to the election.

In one interview, she claimed a Labour government would employ 10,000 extra police officers at a cost of £300,000 per annum, which would equate to an annual salary of £30 a year per officer. Despite stepping aside as a member of the shadow cabinet Abbott did stand again as MP for Hackney North and Stoke Newington and increased her majority.

She has now resumed her position as shadow home secretary less than a month later and says she is back to full health. She told the BBC: “Stress wasn't an issue, my blood sugar level was. I am back to fighting fitness.

“I'm feeling a lot better. It took my brother to ring me up and tell me off and tell me about the importance of eating properly and glucose tablets. Everyone who has type 2 diabetes knows it is a perfectly manageable condition.”