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Konica Minolta cameras protect critical workers across UK supply chain

22 April 2020

KONICA MINOLTA Business Solutions (UK) has developed intelligent video solutions that can assist the NHS, as well as key businesses in the UK supply chain, to protect front line staff and property as part of the UK’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

High temperature is one of the primary symptoms of COVID-19. Konica Minolta’s low-cost and easy-to-install thermal detection systems are able to quickly, unobtrusively and accurately detect elevated body temperature, enabling swift action to be taken, which could help to prevent the spread of infection.

Steve Doust, director of sales and marketing at Konica Minolta, observed: “Our Intelligent Video Solutions can play a key role in helping to protect front line staff and property, and especially so within the NHS, which is currently experiencing the most strenuous of challenges.”

Konica Minolta’s Intelligent Video Solutions can be used by organisations to supplement existing safety measures during these unprecedented times. Ideal applications include protecting those caring for others affected by the Coronavirus, but also span the UK supply chain to include logistics, warehouse and distribution facilities.

Doust added: “Our solutions are already being deployed by food manufacturers as well as retail and media organisations to better protect their staff and customers. We hope they will be used to help a vast number of organisations across many industries during the current crisis.”

With minimal installation work required, Konica Minolta’s Intelligent Video Solutions can be set up remotely, removing the need for unnecessary human interaction. No dedicated servers or recording software licenses are required. Importantly, the whole system can be scaled quickly to meet changing requirements. 

Interested parties should refer to www.konicaminolta.co.uk/intelligent-video for further information on an array of thermal detection, access control, image and process monitoring and surveillance solutions.