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Taking shape

07 March 2019

TDSi ARE one of the founding partners to The Security Event, launching at the NEC in Birmingham 9-11 April 2019. Owner John Davies (JD) explains to Philip Ingram (PI) why The Security Event is designed by the industry for the industry.

(PI) What is it about The Security Event that made you decide you wanted to be a founding partner?

(JD) The major initial appeal was the prospect of re-engaging with the installers that we used to see at IFSEC when it was at the NEC who decided not to visit IFSEC after it moved to London. Of real concern we were seeing considerably fewer prospective installers at the London event and then The Security Event was announced we were excited about the prospect of an event that was going to target them.  

Another major plus as a Founding Partner was the ability to work with the show organisers to properly shape the event to what our needs and objectives are for a show like this.  This was extremely refreshing and has been incredibly rewarding.  For once we are being listened to.

(PI) Do you think traditional manufacturers of physical security products are increasingly becoming software manufacturers?

(JD) This is a big YES from me.  On the access control side of things, we’ve been software driven for 10-15 years at least now.  It’s through the software that interoperability and integration take place and it is the vehicle through which problems are solved.  

With the advent of IoT and Cloud computing and the traction that has in the wider world, we are now seeing manufacturers from the Intruder Alarm side of the piece beginning to embrace software and delivering solutions and services.  The evolution of Service and adding this to the portfolio of manufacturers is also driving more use on importance of the software element as service delivery efficiencies are driven more effectively through software platforms. 

(PI) How important to your business is the launch of new products at The Security Event?

(JD) Significantly Important.  The timing of this event coincides quite nicely with the culmination of almost 4 years of intensive effort at TDSi as we’ve been working to revamp our entire portfolio.  This event will see the launch of our ONVIF A and C compatible Open Protocol Web Based GARDiS door controllers.  

One of the last elements in our new GARDiS Ecosystem and the future of TDSi as we move our products into the Open Protocol World and into the world of the cloud and cloud-based services.  The timing is excellent.

(PI) Given the importance of cloud storage and data transmission, how critical is the cyber environment to the traditional physical security industry?

(JD) Cyber awareness and vulnerability to attack is becoming more and more important.  As we launch Cloud ready devices the onus is on us manufacturers to ensure we’ve had third party penetration tests done to ensure we don’t release systems that can leave our end users open to attack. 

(PI) How much of an impact is Brexit having in reality?

(JD) Brexit uncertainties are beginning to slow activity in the construction sector and have already had an effect on investment planning among UK companies.  It’s the uncertainty of exactly what form that Brexit will take is the issue.  Once this is known, effective planning can take place.  In the absence of knowledge, plans are held in abeyance.