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Powerful encoding capabilities at heart of SALTO Systems’ contactless Ncoder

08 July 2020

SALTO SYSTEMS’ contactless smart card NCoders for next generation access control systems integrate the encoding capabilities of a powerful updated encoder with a built-in desktop reader function.

The SALTO NCoder configures permissions and end user access plans for user credentials. It’s compatible with a wide range of RFID cards and mobile keys and can be used in most commercial markets (including hospitality), enabling end users to control management and user rights within their own building access system.

Security meets design with the SALTO BLUEnet generation of smart locking access control products and the NCoder is no exception to that rule. Featuring a sleek profile, the SALTO NCoder extends SALTO SPACE data-on-card ‘Best in Class’ performance while adding innovative features to keep buildings secure, flexible and smart. The solution actively integrates DTLS v1.2 security technology in order to protect communications.

SALTO NCoder’s SPACE standards-based design puts system operators in complete control, working with any compatible cards and the smart-locking platform devised by SALTO Systems. Focused on innovative functionality and secure communications, the SALTO NCoder supports multiple credential technologies (MIFARE and iCLASS Seos) as well as digital key delivery, in turn establishing security between devices.

The ProAccess SPACE system allows operators to grant users access permission for multiple doors and zones, configure date and time for access and even schedule timed access.

In addition, the SALTO NCoder lets platform operators manage all access control needs with one smart and secure device. In fact, it’s possible to quickly and efficiently manage the system operator user key creation, visitor management and SALTO Portable Programming Device data storage from a single smart and contactless secure management device.

SALTO’s latest solution runs on SALTO ProAccess SPACE and currently programs MIFARE DESFire EV1 and EV2 cards and tags, so too iCLASS Seos versions. Communications are protected by standard cryptography (DTLSv1.2 - AES128). There are built-in Ethernet and USB interfaces as well as DHCP IP addressing.

The standards-compliant reader/encoder with SAM data isn’t stored in the device so as to ensure a secure key management technology system.