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Recall registration reminder after charger explodes

05 June 2019

STAFFORDSHIRE FIRE and Rescue Service is urging residents to register their technology and always use the appropriate chargers following a near miss in Rolleston-on-Dove.

A crew from Burton were called to Elizabeth Avenue on Saturday, April 1, at 9.12pm after a charger exploded; setting fire to the extension lead it was plugged into.

Fortunately the blaze was only small and no one was hurt during the incident. The fire was already out when the crews arrived and thankfully had not spread to other items in the room. 

During the incident the crew investigated the cause of the fire and found the charger, which was being used to charge a games console, was actually for an iPhone and had been recalled. 

Station manager Paul Shaw said, “It is really important to register your electrical items and keep an eye out for any recalled items so you know not to use them. 

“It is also incredibly dangerous to use a charger for any electrical item it was not designed for. Chargers are made to support certain measures of amps, voltage and wattage in accordance to the item it came with or is made for. By using another electrical item the plug can often overload and this can cause it to overheat or explode. 

“Please avoid buying second hand chargers from car boot sales or markets as you will not be able to check the plug is appropriate to use.” 

For more information on electrical safety, and details of how to register products for recall notifications, visit https://www.staffordshirefire.gov.uk/your-safety/safety-at-home/electrical-safety/