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Nullifire expands into cavity barriers in bid to stop fire spread

09 May 2023

THE ONGOING commitment to safeguard people and buildings has taken Nullifire – itself a brand of CPG UK – a further step forward in terms of its fire stopping offer with the launch of a new product range designed specifically to prevent fire spread.

Cavity barriers have been in high demand due to their role and importance in safeguarding buildings. In essence, these are passive fire protection products made of fire-resistant materials, which are used to seal cavities and prevent the spread of flames and smoke through spaces within the cavities of the building.

This process slows the spread of fire, increasing the time available for people to evacuate the building and also allowing firefighters to control the blaze in a faster time period, thereby reducing any damage to the building.

Additions to the range

New to Nullifire’s fire stopping product portfolio are the following:

*FJ260 Cavity Barrier

*FV025 Small Ventilated Cavity Barrier

*FV050 Small Ventilated Cavity Barrier

*FV125 Large Ventilated Cavity Barrier

*FV225 Large Ventilated Cavity Barrier

*FV144 Large Ventilated Cavity Barrier

*FV065 Small Ventilated Cavity Barrier Roll

FV025 and FV050 are ventilated cavity barriers suited to open state cavities of up to 25 mm and 50 mm, offering up to 60 minutes and 120 minutes’ worth of fire resistance. Graphite expansion technology provides directionality and a high expansion ratio, with low smoke and zero halogen intumescent components.

The FV125, FV225 and FV144 are the large ventilated cavity barriers. These are a specially formulated fire-rated mineral fibre with an integral high-expansion intumescent seal attached to the leading edge. For cavities of up to 450 mm, these products can offer up to 180 minutes of fire resistance. They’ve been tested in accordance with the Association for Specialist Fire Protection’s Technical Guidance Document 19.

FV065 is a cavity barrier roll designed to firestop cavities up to 65 mm behind external walls. Suitable for masonry and brickwork external substrates, its roll format allows for space and labour savings.

Last, but not least, the FJ260 is the non-ventilated fire barrier within the range. This product is used for vertical external wall cavities and can achieve up to 120 minutes’ worth of fire resistance.

Important step

These new additions represent an important step in Nullifire’s approach to supplying the complete fire stopping solution, duly supporting the increasing demands for supply chain efficiencies and certified fire protection solutions.

Gary Pullinger, Nullifire’s sales director, informed Fire Safety Matters: “We continue to build the Nullifire brand and, in line with other CPG UK brands, offer complete solutions for the external envelope of a building.”

Manufactured within the UK, these new Nullifire products have been tested extensively by third party test houses and fully certified for a range of fire protection needs. Nullifire’s technical support team members across the UK are available to provide guidance and answer technical questions.

Nullifire’s products are used extensively across the built environment alongside those of some of its sister brands such as illbruck. The ‘single source’ approach guarantees highly knowledgeable technical support and service teams with a proven track record of performance and compliant systems. This ensures the ultimate peace of mind in the specification process.

*Further information is available online at www.nullifire.com