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The GDPR Compliance Consultancy secures Cyber Essentials certification body status

25 August 2020

THE GDPR Compliance Consultancy has become a Cyber Essentials certification body. This means that any UK businesses requiring assistance in attaining Cyber Essentials certification can now seek the support of The GDPR Compliance Consultancy in doing so.

The certification body status is confirmed in the wake of Howard Freeman (managing director of The GDPR Compliance Consultancy) successfully completing an intensive course designed to facilitate businesses through the certification process.

This certification body status itself is awarded through the National Cyber Security Centre’s Cyber Essentials Partner, namely the IASME Consortium. This is a a cyber security-focused business dedicated to keeping everyone safer online, both at home and at work, helping organisations of all sizes to protect themselves against cyber attack.

The Government recognises the challenge posed by the current cyber threat and has the ambition to tackle it head on. Cyber Essentials is very much part of the National Cyber Security Strategy and, by dint of becoming a certification body, The GDPR Compliance Consultancy is making an important and valuable contribution towards the Government’s overall aim of making the UK the safest place to do business online.

The GDPR Compliance Consultancy can now certify that businesses are compliant with the Government’s Cyber Essentials framework. This demonstrates a business’ baseline commitment to ensuring the security of its IT infrastructure and protecting its clients’ data from the threat of cyber attack.

On receiving notification of the business becoming a certification body, Howard Freeman explained: “Becoming a Cyber Essentials certification body demonstrates our ongoing commitment to helping SME business owners protect both their business and customer data. We will continue to strive to improve our offer and will look to add Cyber Essentials Plus to further help our customers with their IT Governance.”

The GDPR Compliance Consultancy is actually a full-service data protection company specialising in not just the General Data Protection Regulation, but also Cyber Essentials, ISO 14001, HIPAA and the Data Protection Act 2018. The business offers practical advice on all matters relating to data protection.

Founded in 2018, the company is built on many years of experience within the team and has grown quickly to establish itself as a go-to authority. Based in Weybridge, the business offers its services locally, nationally and internationally and has amassed an impressive client list encompassing many differing sectors.

*For further information visit https://thegdprcomplianceconsultancy.co.uk/