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Fraud and cyber crime increase

23 July 2018

THE OFFICE for National Statistics (ONS) reveals that people are more likely to fall victim to fraud or cyber offences above any other crime.

In the last quarter (April-June 2018), Action Fraud received 130, 519 reports from the public and businesses who said they had been a victim of fraud or cyber crime.   

City of London police commissioner, Ian Dyson said, “There is no shying away from the fact that fraud and cyber crime is increasing, with its anonymous and global nature making it all the more appealing for criminals. This survey shows, that there are severe levels of underreporting and that fraud and cyber crime is a serious problem across England and Wales and quite possibly globally.

“However, there are clearly people out there, who have fallen victim to this type of crime who haven’t reported and this may be due to being embarrassed about what they have experienced. But, there is no need to be embarrassed and we urge anyone who has been a victim to report to Action Fraud as this will help us to understand and tackle the problem.

“Receiving these reports, allows us to make sure those who are most vulnerable, are properly protected and receive the right support. It also ensures that we can develop our intelligence and warn people about criminals, before they have the chance to strike.”