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Home Office ministers thank police and Fire and Rescue Service for “vital work” conducted during Coronavirus pandemic

07 January 2021

POLICE FORCES and Fire and Rescue Services will continue to play a crucial role in protecting the NHS and saving lives following the Prime Minister’s announcement of a new national lockdown. That’s the message emanating from Home Office ministers during calls with Emergency Services leaders.

Policing minister Kit Malthouse held a call with chief constables from police forces in England and Wales during which he thanked officers for their tireless efforts throughout the pandemic and reiterated the Government’s support for the police service’s crucial role in enforcing the regulations.

The police service will continue to follow its approach of engaging, explaining, encouraging and finally enforcing the COVID-19 rules where necessary in order to save lives.

Malthouse stated: “This is a crucial moment in our national fight against Coronavirus, and the police service is playing a vital part in protecting the NHS and saving lives. We expect to see an increase in visibility during the national lockdown. The police will continue to target the most serious and harmful breaches of the rules.” 

Further, Malthouse said: “During this pandemic, we’ve asked more of our police than ever before. I know the British public is truly grateful. We’ll continue to give the police service the support it needs.”

Chief fire officers 

Similarly, fire minister Lord Stephen Greenhalgh held a call with all chief fire officers from across England to thank them for their efforts in supporting other Emergency Services during the pandemic.

The fire minister said that the next six weeks would be critical and reiterated that continued support from Fire and Rescue Services in terms of the national effort was vital.

Since the start of the pandemic, Fire and Rescue Service staff have voluntarily undertaken a range of additional activities including the delivery of essential medical supplies, transporting patients to hospital and providing training for care home staff on preventing infections.

Lord Greenhalgh observed: “I’m immensely proud of the contributions of firefighters and Fire and Rescue Service staff in general during the pandemic. They’ve proved themselves to be ready, willing and able to support the national effort to protect the NHS and save lives.”