Fire Industry Association continues to work with Government in support of UK exporters

15 December 2020

THE FIRE Industry Association (FIA) has reported on the secondment of two specialists from FIA member companies to the Department for International Trade’s UK Defence and Security Exports operation. The Trade Association points towards this development as a “clear indication” of its improved relationship with Government.

“Working with Government for our members and the wider industry is, and has always been, a key priority for us,” explained the FIA’s CEO Ian Moore. “We’re proud of the fact that our relationship with Government has improved over the last few years which, in turn, has allowed us to better address the three key issues of Brexit, COVID-19 and Grenfell.”

Further, Moore said: “It has taken incredible effort from both sides to ensure this great working relationship is where it is today. We’ve held weekly meetings with UK Defence and Security Exports on the transition period and shared live updates on Brexit and how to best support our members when it comes to the export environment.”

Showcasing the best

The secondees are Sarah Adamson (sector specialist, first responder capability) and Michelle Agius (sector specialist, infrastructure). Commenting on this development, Moore observed: “Sarah and Michelle’s work is key to ensuring that the fire industry is able to continue exporting our world-leading products and services. I’m immensely grateful and proud of these individuals and their companies for allowing them to give up their time. Doing so will help everyone out in in this crucial area at what is a vital time in our history.”

Sarah Adamson commented: “I’m thrilled to have been appointed as a sector specialist for the first responder capability campaign for the UK Defence and Security Export team. For Angloco, this is a chance to support the development of the UK export market for Fire and Rescue products and also to help the UK bounce back in the wake of COVID-19.”

Adamson added: “Our ambition is to pull together and showcase the very best of the UK Defence and Security sector to be shared with the world. The purpose is to grow the knowledge of our customers and Department for International Trade colleagues alike to enable more British products and services to flow around the world. I strongly believe that working together with the Government, as UK businesses, is our best way forward. It’s fantastic for our industry to be engaged directly. We should all determine to share the experiences that we’ve gained for the benefit of the whole sector.”

Visibility of SMEs

Michelle Agius informed Fire Safety Matters: “I’m delighted to be a part of this initiative. As a UK-based SME, we totally understand the difficulties of SMEs when it comes to exporting. I think it’s a great initiative of the Department for International Trade to bring trade and civil servants together to obtain a mix of views. Any initiative to push and assist the visibility of UK SMEs is a positive move forward and this is one with which I’m proud to be associated.”

Tracy Buckingham, deputy director with responsibility for security and cyber exports within UK Defence and Security Exports, stated: “While recognising the many challenges businesses are facing as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, UK Defence and Security Exports is here to help. As we start the economic recovery, we’re thinking about what happens next and how UK companies can stay one step ahead of their competitors.”

On that note, Buckingham explained: “We’re currently looking for companies who provide products and services in the first responder or infrastructure buyer categories to join the UK offer and help us to showcase UK firms’ capabilities to overseas buyers. This is a unique opportunity to contribute to the UK’s national security and prosperity. We hope this represents a valuable opportunity for individuals from industry to engage directly with UK Defence and Security Exports in shaping the way in which we support UK exporters and to create a legacy that can be built on to ensure that Government and industry work effectively together well into the future.”