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Vemotion optimises surveillance efficiency with introduction of ONVIF Alert Manager

29 October 2020

VEMOTION INTERACTIVE – the UK supplier of low-latency, high-performance, ‘plug-and-play’ wireless live video streaming solutions for systems integrators and OEM solutions providers – has released ONVIF Alert Manager for its Vemotion Streaming Protocol.

Now available embedded into the company’s range of “ultra-efficient” video software and hardware encoders and Polecam cameras, ONVIF Alert Manager enables any generated alert to be notified at the monitor by emitting an audio alert and simultaneously flashing a red frame around the alerting camera’s video feed.

With flexibility of operation in mind and to suit varying applications, using Vemotion’s Viewer app, the monitor device (or ‘viewer’) can be a smart phone, tablet, PC or laptop or, indeed, any other ONVIF-compatible third party viewing software such as a VMS (ie Milestone, Genetec, Synectics, etc).

With Vemotion Alert Manager, ONVIF alerts from cameras (complete with Artificial Intelligence) can be set up to include motion detection, tamper detection, seismic, pressure and vibration sensing, GPS location and disk error warnings. This functionality enables any existing or new installation

to capitalise on the functionality offered by the latest Artificial Intelligence-enabled cameras.

In short, Alert Manager’s open standard, combined with Vemotion’s video streaming capability, means that users can now add any camera to a surveillance system, be it temporary, mobile or fixed, and view high-quality live streaming video.

“Vemotion is known for its optimised and reliable video compression and transmission technology,” said Steve Haworth, CEO at Vemotion. “Now, with ONVIF Alert Manager, cameras from different manufacturers can be used to best suit a specific customer scenario. This will help to forge better solutions, as well as enabling partners, installers and maintenance engineers to enhance the value of existing surveillance network infrastructures. For the installer, this also helps to retain and acquire new customers, as well as increasing revenue opportunities.”

*More information is available online at www.vemotion.com