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Eugenio Quintieri appointed managing director of Fire Safe Europe

18 January 2022

THE BOARD of Directors at European Trade Association Fire Safe Europe has appointed Eugenio Quintieri to be the organisation’s new managing director. Quintieri succeeds Juliette Albiac in the role.

Fire Safe Europe boasts an active community of 650-plus fire experts. The organisation’s overriding mission is to improve fire safety in buildings for people and society as a whole.

For his part, Eugenio Quintieri holds a Master’s degree in European Interdisciplinary Studies from the College of Europe and speaks fluent English, French and Spanish in addition to his native Italian. He has ten years of experience in European affairs and, since 2017, has been an active political leader within the European construction sector, successfully representing the business interests of SMEs in particular.

Commenting on his new role, Quintieri stated: “It’s a pleasure and an honour to be the new managing director of Fire Safe Europe and contribute towards making Europe fire-safe. Providing an adequate level of fire protection for European citizens is crucial to ensure the sustainability of the European built environment. To achieve this goal, my focus will be to place fire safety high on the list of political priorities of the European Union by creating key alliances with industry stakeholders, European institutions and national actors.”

Fire Safe Europe badges itself as “the European centre” for expertise, networking and resources when it comes to fire safety in buildings. The European fire safety community offers a permanent forum for fire safety stakeholders to connect, pool knowledge and work collaboratively on solutions specifically designed to improve fire safety in buildings.

Political expertise

Speaking on behalf of Fire Safety Europe’s Board of Directors, president Paul Langford explained: “We’re pleased to welcome Eugenio and his political expertise to the organisation. Many exciting challenges await him. The Board is confident that he’s the right person to represent Fire Safe Europe at the European Union political level while leading an outstanding team.”

Langford added: “I also want to pay tribute to the crucial work Juliette Albiac has conducted over the last eight years to improve fire safety in buildings for people and society.”

Fire Safe Europe’s members are researchers, architects, international and European associations, fire engineers, firefighters, national and European policymakers and companies manufacturing and supplying fire protection equipment, flame retardants, insulation and sealants, etc.