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Construction Products Association welcomes Siderise as affiliate member

14 November 2021

SIDERISE – THE manufacturer of passive fire and acoustic insulation solutions for the UK and overseas markets – has joined the Construction Products Association (CPA) as a new affiliate member. With a fundamental ethos of providing class-leading façade fire protection and interior noise control solutions, Siderise will “deliver fresh insight and expertise” for many of the CPA’s key work streams and priority areas.

The new arrangement marks a more formalised working relationship between the CPA and Siderise after an already productive partnership in the form of Siderise CEO Adam Turk’s role in the development of the recent Code for Construction Product Information (CCPI).

Turk is chair of the CPA’s Marketing Integrity Group which was set up to put the CCPI together and address the challenge for manufacturers to provide product information that’s clear, accurate, up-to-date, accessible and unambiguous.

With a strong focus on building and fire safety, as well as a keen desire to be proactive in the skills agenda and the CPA’s various digitalisation programmes, Siderise promises to be a valued new member that will assist in driving forward some of the Association’s key objectives and priorities.

Building safety agenda

Commenting on the new partnership, CPA CEO Peter Caplehorn said: “It’s wonderful to welcome Siderise to CPA membership. Adam’s work on the CCPI has been of great importance to the construction products industry and will make a real difference to the building safety agenda. I very much look forward to finding further ways of using Siderise’s expertise to drive forward value-led change for the industry.”

Siderise CEO Adam Turk responded: “Becoming an affiliate member of the CPA was the natural progression for Siderise. Both of our organisations are completely aligned on the vital importance of ensuring construction product information and marketing is accurate and honest. We also share a desire to equip our industry with the right knowledge and solutions to create a safe and productive built environment for all. We’re looking forward to collaborating closely with the CPA to achieve these aims.”

Defining the built environment

The CPA is the leading organisation that represents and champions construction product manufacturers and suppliers. This vital UK industry defines the built environment, providing the products and materials needed for homes, offices, shops, roads, railways, schools and hospitals.

The industry directly provides jobs for 382,500 individuals across 23,949 companies and boasts an annual turnover of £62.5 billion.

*Further information is available online at www.constructionproducts.org.uk