BAFE’s Chris Auger joins Interim Industry Competence Committee

27 June 2021

CHRIS AUGER, the organisation’s director of Schemes, has accepted an invitation from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to be a member of the Interim Industry Competence Committee.

The Industry Competence Committee has been established to act in an advisory position which will support the HSE’s Building Safety Regulator. Further, the Industry Competence Committee will assist in developing new regulatory measures regarding life safety within the new and current built environment.

Commenting on this development, Auger observed: “I’m extremely honoured to have been invited to join the Interim Industry Competence Committee and have gratefully accepted. Its work will play an important role in supporting the shadow Building Safety Regulator and raising competence across the built environment and fire sectors.”

Stephen Adams, CEO at BAFE, stated: “Alongside his role within BAFE, Chris is involved with a number of the Hackitt Working Groups and committees. He brings a wide range of knowledge and understanding of the current fire safety industry regarding the evidencing of competency and, specifically, where this can be improved to support the work of quality registered companies. We now very much look forward to stronger regulation of the fire safety industry.”