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Apollo signals changes to online Continuing Professional Development courses

31 July 2023

APOLLO FIRE Detectors, the specialist manufacturer of fire detection and alarm systems, has listened to customer feedback from stakeholders and initiated improvements for its hugely popular online Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses.

The business issued an extensive suite of virtual CPD courses back in May 2020 in direct response to the national lockdown induced by the COVID-19 pandemic. The fortnightly courses proved to be so popular that, even when the Government lifted the necessarily enforced COVID restrictions, the business decided to keep them running.

Three years on and the one-hour sessions are still going strong. Now, Apollo Fire Detectors has signalled some improvements to the courses based on the feedback received from a large-scale survey involving hundreds of different stakeholders within the fire industry.

Changes in detail

The first change is that the courses will be moved from Wednesday mornings to Friday mornings at 11.00 am and run every fortnight.

The second change is that over 90% of customers said it’s “very important” that these sessions are available in an ‘On Demand’ format. On that basis, after each event has finished, the access link will now turn into an ‘On Demand;’ link such registrants can view the content at a time to suit them.

That said, those watching in the ‘On Demand’ format will not be afforded a CPD certificate for doing so.

The third and final change is that several new topics have been added to the collection of existing sessions. The most popular requests received in the audience survey were the perceived need for ‘a general overview/introduction to fire systems’ and a session looking at ‘protecting educational environments from fire’.

As a result, Apollo has now created and released sessions on these topics. Bookings are being taken online at www.pollo-fire.co.uk/training-support/cpds--webinars

Knowledge and training

Jessica Mann, customer journey manager at Apollo Fire Detectors and one of the team members that originally launched the CPD sessions, informed Fire Safety Matters: “A huge part of our commitment to keeping people safe from fire is providing our customers with the knowledge they need to excel in the industry. That’s precisely why constantly improving our training offering is really important to us.”

Mann continued: “We’re really grateful to the customers who completed our training survey, the results of which have enabled us to identify key areas for improvement. This is just the beginning of changes to our training. The next step will be to review our face-to-face training offer.”

*Those parties interested in booking a training course for their team members should send an e-mail to apollo.training@apollo-fire.com

**Further information is available online at www.apollo-fire.co.uk