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All-new Leasing Programme introduced by Apollo Fire Detectors

05 October 2020

APOLLO FIRE Detectors has launched a new Leasing Programme in partnership with Shire Leasing to offer simple and flexible finance options for installing or upgrading fire alarm systems without an initial capital outlay.

Apollo’s purpose is simple: to keep people safe from fire every second of every day. All Apollo installers within the UK can apply to become an Apollo Leasing Provider, enabling them to win more business and guaranteeing payment in full on completion of each project.

Apollo Leasing Providers are able to overcome financial barriers. It’s an affordable solution to ensure there’s no compromise with fire safety by dint of selecting the system that’s right for the job.

When it comes to payment security, installers receive 30% payment up front with the balance paid in full on completion of the project. System maintenance can also be included and invoiced monthly in arrears as required.

For building owners, they’ll be able to access the right fire safety system they need immediately with no initial capital outlay. They can plan budgets easily with fixed monthly payments and also reduce tax as finance lease rental payments can be 100% tax deductible against profits.

System maintenance can also be included for an additional monthly charge, in turn affording complete peace of mind.

Irina Cruse, head of marketing at Apollo Fire Detectors, informed Fire Safety Matters: “Quite often, investment into fire safety is more of a grudge purchase than a desired one. This is even more true in the current climate when end users are trying to survive in the newly-shaped COVID-19 reality, making careful choices on where to place their cash.”

Cruse continued: “Lack of investment into fire safety essentially means a higher risk in terms of people safety. The Apollo Leasing Programme has been designed to protect more people by removing financial barriers to the installation of the right fire detection system, releasing building owners from the need for a major up-front investment and, at the same time, offering payment security to installers.”

*Further information is available online at https://www.apollo-fire.co.uk/products/leasing