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Local council backs SFRS operational changes

28 September 2017

ANGUS COUNCIL has formally given its backing to the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) local plan for the area.

The plan, which was open for public consultation from June to September, was approved at a meeting of the authority’s Scrutiny and Audit Committee on 26 September 2017.

Convener of the Angus Council Scrutiny and Audit Committee, Councillor Alex King said: “The plan has been widely consulted on and sets out a clear direction for the SFRS in the Angus area. The Committee is therefore confident that the people of Angus will benefit from improved safety through the implementation of the plan.”

Local Senior Officer for Angus, Colin Grieve said: “The Local Fire and Rescue Plan for Angus sets out our priorities for addressing local needs and circumstances and I’m delighted that the Scrutiny and Audit Committee have given it their full support.”

The importance of partnership working runs throughout the Angus fire and rescue plan, with the sharing of information between agencies and targeting resources at areas of greatest need being the key principles that will contribute to improving the overall safety and wellbeing of our communities in Angus.

In emphasising the importance of partnership working LSO Grieve added: “The SFRS does not operate in isolation and the plan supports the crucial role of community planning in helping to deliver the ambitions of the Angus Community Planning Partnership through its Local Outcome Improvement Plan.”

Chair of the Angus Council Community Planning Partnership Board, Neil Prentice, also welcomed the approval of the plan and the contribution it will make to the Partnership’s vision for Angus.

He said: “The Angus Community Planning Partnership has a vision of making Angus a great place to live, work and visit and the Local Fire and Rescue Plan for Angus clearly demonstrates how it will contribute towards achieving this through the strengths of partnership working in the Angus area.”