Lochrin Bain Q&A

27 November 2019

Founded in Edinburgh in 1859 to manufacture and supply estate railings and fencing to stately homes across the country, Lochrin Bain has a rich history securing people and assets nationwide.

Q1) Lochrin Bain is a company with a long history, can you tell us a little about that history?

Founded in Edinburgh in 1859 to manufacture and supply estate railings and fencing to stately homes across the country, Lochrin Bain has a rich history securing people and assets nationwide. Fast forward to 2019 the business is now part of the Martin Group of Companies, and we are proudly celebrating our 160th anniversary, a time where we can look back on a rich and varied history. From inventing the first Palisade fence over 100 years ago, a product which is now replicated by manufacturers across the world, to the development our patented Lochrin Combi Palisade which has secured hundreds of CNI sites, we have built our reputation firmly as one of the country’s leading High Security Perimeter Fencing manufacturers, with an extensive range of systems including both Home Office approved CPNI and LPS 1175 SR3 rated Palisade fencing and gates, along with our boundary range of Welded Mesh fencing systems and gates

Q2) How are barrier technologies changing and what is Lochrin Bain doing to stay at the forefront of that change?

The biggest challenge we face is criminals and terrorists along with the tools they use becoming more advanced and aggressive each year. Working in partnership with the Home Office, our industry association the PSSA and test houses such as BRE to ensure our products meet current standards is only one part of the overall solution. The rest is down to hard work and determination from our R&D and manufacturing teams, along with constant communication with end clients to ensure we are capturing changes from the ground up. An excellent example of this is the LPS 1175 Defender SR3 rated Palisade fence which was launched at last year’s show. The LPS 1175 standard focuses on physical security including security fencing, with ratings split into 8 different security ratings (SR Levels) with test requirements of ascending intensity. These are measured in terms of attack tools and also time available to the attacker. During our initial development stage for an SR3 rated fence we received feedback from clients that the installation times and the complexity of the products used to achieve the delay time required was excessive, with specialist equipment or training required for installation, or dozens of fixings used to secure every panel. Taking things back to basics, our team looked for a simple, secure yet stylish fence. We then looked at the installation and put together a system that can rake easily over uneven grounds, requires no specialist tooling and has only ten fixings per panel. A game changer for the industry which we are very proud of. 2019 has also seen us look at security ratings for various new products which are currently in development and due to be launched over the coming months. Watch this space!   

Q3) You are sharing this event with Inova & Detection Technologies, tell us about your cooperation?

Lochrin Bain has enjoyed an excellent working relationship with both Inova Gates and Detection Technologies over the years, through projects we have jointly worked on. The technology and equipment behind both companies is excellent, but what makes this partnership work is the fact that we share the same principles of honesty and hard work. Anyone visiting our stand at this year’s show will see how each product compliments the other making us your ideal perimeter protection partners.

Q4) Where are your greatest areas of growth and why do you think that is?

Our biggest area of growth is still our high security Palisade fence products Lochrin Combi and Defender SR3. Palisade for many years was seen as an outdated form of perimeter security and that is because most manufacturers are still producing product from Lochrin Bain’s original design from 100 years ago. As mentioned earlier, times have changed and with that so have threat levels and the type of product required to secure. By taking the original concept of a palisade fence which has many advantages over modern mesh systems and adding 21st century innovation, we are seeing a large swing to these products on CNI sites.

Q5) What is your message to the ISE audience when you exhibit in December?

Come along and meet the team…… #wesecurewhatyouneedtoprotect