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My Support Space introduced online for victims of crime in London

16 April 2020

VICTIM SUPPORT'S new online support resource, My Support Space, has been launched for victims of crime in London. My Support Space is designed to help victims of crime manage the impact that crime has had on them. It's a free, safe, secure and confidential space where they can choose how they want to be supported after an act of criminality has been perpetrated.

The launch of My Support Space is particularly timely as it gives victims of crime who've been impacted by the Coronavirus outbreak additional ways in which to access support, including from their own home. It can be accessed on a computer, tablet or phone.

Victims can access a range of tools to help them cope and move forward after an act of crime. They're able to work through a series of interactive guides which address their specific needs. The guides feature videos, techniques, activities and tips that can be completed at the individual's own pace.

Diana Fawcett, CEO at Victim Support, said: “Victim Support is committed to ensuring that all victims of crime receive effective support in a way that works for them. We're delighted to launch My Support Space as it offers another way in which victims of crime can seek support, even when self-isolating. Guides on My Support Space include topics such as difficult emotions, coping strategies, dealing with trauma and a lack of sleep. These are all common issues that people may experience after crime, but are even more important during the Coronavirus pandemic as victims find the justice process has essentially paused.”

Claire Waxman, London’s Independent Victims’ Commissioner, added: “I'm delighted to see Victim Support launching this new resource for victims of crime in London. I have long highlighted the need for services to be responsive to the changing needs of victims throughout their journey, and so I welcome the introduction of this portal. We know this is a difficult time for everyone. It's one that's even more pronounced for victims, with isolation aggravating poor mental health. Having support available online and in a discreet way is now more important than ever. The My Support Space will undoubtedly assist a great many people.”

Victim Support is preparing to handle more cases relating to specific crimes as patterns of behaviour change due to the Coronavirus. This includes an anticipated spike in inquiries from victims of hate crime, domestic abuse victims forced to self-isolate with their abuser, anti-social behaviour victims targeted by potentially abusive neighbours and victims of fraud or other cyber-enabled crimes.

Victims of crime in London who receive support from the London Victim and Witness Service (LVWS) run by Victim Support can now seek support using the My Support Space on the LVWS website, through LiveChat or on the telephone (0808 168 9111) 24 hours a day, seven days a week.