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29 rescue teams to battle it out at INTERSCHUTZ

06 March 2020

From Brazil to China, from Russia to Australia – 29 teams from 22 countries around the world are competing for top honors at the Holmatro Rescue Challenge at this year’s INTERSCHUTZ.

Which team will be crowned the winner? Which team has the best technique? And which has the best team spirit? From 15 to 20 June, the world’s top rescue services teams will show what they are made of in Hannover, Germany.

The challenge is the same for everyone: to rescue a live patient who is trapped in a vehicle in 20 minutes or less. The top three teams will win Holmatro tools worth a total of 50,000 euros. Prizes will be awarded in the categories "best overall team", "best technical team" and "best team spirit".

This year marks the second time that the Holmatro Rescue Challenge has been held at INTERSCHUTZ. On each of the six days of the show, an international panel of experts will assess the teams on a range of criteria, such as rescue tactics, communication and medical and technical expertise. The winners will be announced at 4 p.m. on Saturday, 20 June.

Before the competition kicks off, each team will be instructed by Holmatro in the use of the equipment provided for the competition. Holmatro will also run an expert-level course on extrication techniques for all participants. Then the actual competition will begin with the latest BMW vehicles deployed, thus giving the teams the chance to strut their stuff with the benefit of state-of-the-art vehicles. Each rescue operation will be followed by a feedback round to ensure that all involved learn from the experience. Holmatro's training area will also be open to attending professionals interested in getting a feel for the latest rescue tools and equipment.

Of the nearly 90 teams who applied, the following 29 have been selected to participate in the Holmatro Rescue Challenge at INTERSCHUTZ 2020:

• Regimento Sapadores Bombeiros Lisboa (Portugal)

• Hungary Fire Team (Hungary)

• Freiwillige Feuerwehr Stadt Vils (Austria)

• EMERCOM of Russia (Russian Federation)

• Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency Revinge (Sweden)

• Echo Fox (Brazil)

• Javna Vatrogasna Postrojba Grada Karlovca (Croatia)

• Hulpverleningszone Noord-Limburg (Belgium)

• Consorcio Bomberos Valencia (Spain)

• West Midlands Fire Service Coventry Red Watch (United Kingdom)

• Brandweer Zone Antwerpen (Belgium)

• QFES Team Cairns (Australia)

• Mures Extrication Team (Romania)

• FR NSW Team Wollongong (Australia)

• Chengdu Fire Rescue (China)

• Corpo de Bombeiros Militar Chapecó (Brazil)

• Miami X | City of Miami Technical Rescue Team (USA)

• SDIS 44 (France)

• Moscow City Department for Civil Protection, Emergency & Fire Safety (Russian Federation)

• Vigili Del Fuoco Italia (Italy)

• Enfield Fire Auto-X Team (Canada)

• Gelderland-Zuid Post Nijmegen (Netherlands)

• Meath County Fire & Rescue Service (Ireland)

• Octava Bomberos Santiago (Chile)

• Blackheart Extrication Team | Miami Dade Fire Rescue (USA)

• Centre d´Incendie et de Secours Rosport (Luxembourg)

• Burlington Fire Department (Canada)

• Technical Rescue Team Hamburg (Germany)

• Brandweer Rotterdam Frobenstraat (Netherlands)

For information about which team is competing when, visit the Holmatro website: www.holmatro.com/en/rcprogram