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SIA consults on content for qualifications

27 September 2018

THE SECURITY Industry Authority (SIA) is launching a consultation which will help to determine the content of the next generation of licence-linked qualifications for the private security industry. The consultation will run for four weeks concluding on 26 October.

It is essential that as many people as possible give their views on this important consultation. Employers and prospective operatives spend a considerable sum of money each year on these qualifications, and they need to be fit-for-purpose. The SIA can achieve this only with the help of the private security industry.

The consultation is structured around the SIA’s six licensable sectors (below) that require a qualification. These are supported by nine skills’ specifications being consulted on and they include common industry knowledge and specialist content areas that go into making up the licence-linked qualifications. ​Visit the SIA website for the table of existing specifications. 

To have a say on the draft specifications for the licence-linked qualifications, please visit the consultation website.

The *SIA’s licensable sectors that require qualifications are:

  1. Cash and Valuables in Transit 
  2. Close Protection
  3. Door Supervision
  4. Public Space Surveillance (CCTV) 
  5. Security Guarding 
  6. Vehicle Immobiliser.

The specifications will be re-drafted following this consultation, and will be put out to two further rounds of public consultation.

SIA Head of quality & standards at SIA Tony Holyland says, "This consultation is a fantastic way for those of you working in the industry to contribute and to help to get the specifications right. This is your opportunity to shape the future of the licence-linked qualifications to ensure they are relevant for your industry in the years ahead.”

The specifications were created in collaboration with the private security industry. The SIA worked with expert working groups drawn from each of the specialist areas to develop the content for the qualifications.

The SIA has commissioned IFF Research to carry out research into the industry which will finish in October. The findings of the research will be used to help shape the next edition of the specifications.

When this consultation concludes the SIA will work together with the expert working groups and they will analyse, review and amend them. 

The SIA will then make the next draft of the specifications available to the public again for comment.  This will be supported by a further consultation that will be designed around more in-depth interviews.

The development of the specifications is a key milestone in the SIA’s Private Security Skills & Qualifications Review; and this consultation is an essential element.